Thursday, June 06, 2002

Honey, They're Playing Our Song

Matt and I actually had to discuss what "our song" was at one point. We realized that we had several, very different songs that could count as "ours." Ready for the run down?

Len - Steal My Sunshine
Def Leppard - Animal
U2 - Beautiful Day

Ok, now the explanation (at Matt's pleading):

"Steal My Sunshine" came out when Matt and I started hanging out (just friends at this point). It was catchy and hadn't been obliterated by top 40 radio yet, so we dug it. Incidentally, we both heard it for the first time at the same time, but in different cities. I was in Rochester and he was here in Jamestown. I came home from my trip and said, "Hey, I heard this great song!" and Matt said, "Me too!" And truth be known, it was this song. Also, Matt had called me Sunshine a couple of times before this song came out and the name stuck (mostly now because I'm anything but sunny when I wake up).

"Animal" comes from hanging out at a little dive bar called Yesterday's in the village of Lakewood. Matt and I were there with some friends of his from high school. This song came on the karaoke machine in between performances and we all, for lack of better explanation, started rocking out. It was like finding a soul mate. Someone else who wasn't afraid to say that Def Leppard was one kick ass band. It's a pretty cool song too.

"Beautiful Day": We both like U2 and were really anticipating this album and at the same time were pretty apprehensive about it given what a flop "Pop" was. So when we heard this song it was a huge relief and excitement. Somewhere in there we had started talking about the potential "big day" for us and that this song would really fit in with that kind of event *ahem* Of course no new developments there *rolls eyes* Matt is taking his time getting around to that life committment stuff *grins*

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