Saturday, June 01, 2002

Bright and Early on a Saturday Morning

I did another one of my sleep-after-dinner-until-morning tricks again. That is, I had dinner, checked my email, and laid down for a little nap. I then proceeded to fall asleep for most of the night, only waking up to visit the W.C. I'm convinced my body hates me.

Relay For Life

At noon I have to go over to Washington Middle School (a few blocks from my house) to read a proclamation for the Relay for Life day. This is a benefit for cancer research that also recognizes the survivors. Last year I showed up in a suit to read the proclamation. This year I know better. Shorts and a t-shirt it is! Matt is supposed to go too and read a proclamation as well, but he's moving real slow at the moment. He was also supposed to go help with the set-up of a playground this morning, but since he went out last night, I doubt that's going to happen. Yeah, he doesn't fool me when he says stuff like "My allergies are killing me" right after staying out all night last night.

I just noticed my keyboard is all icky. It looks like someone cooked eggs for himself and got some of them on the keys. Eww.

I Am Spiderman

Saw that awesome movie on Thursday. Spiderman was easily better than both the pre-quels for Star Wars put together! I still can't get the thought of Kristen Dunst as Claudia in Interview With A Vampire out of my head. And question, what's this thing with nipples in everything lately? Example: the rain scene right after M-J nearly gets her butt kicked and then gets to kiss Spiderman. Second Example: whatever scene that was in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones where Natalie Portman is sporting some nipple-age in that white outfit. Plus any other tv show/movie lately. Why aren't women wearing bras anymore? Don't they know that if you don't wear a bra now that you'll sag by the time you hit your 40's??? Think, People, Think!

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