Monday, June 17, 2002

How About a Trip to Orlando?

I found out this past Friday that I'm eligible to win an I Love Lucy contest Trip for 4 to Orlando, Florida. Some of you may recall that I won the 50th Anniversary watch last year, which surprised me to no end. This is slightly different than those junk mail/email/calls that you sometimes receive for "You have won a trip/money/small island off the coast of Brazil!" only because it is legitimate (originally sponsored by TV Land I believe). Anyway, I now have to wait for the paperwork to be mailed so I can fill out my eligibility forms. Funny stuff, eh?

Aren't You Julie??

Janine's graduation party was lots of fun. Awesome food! There was a clam bake (think 50 dozen steamed clams for the crowd), barbequed ribs and chicken from the Dinosaur BBQ, yummy cornbread, chocolates/chocolate dipped fruit from Encore Chocolate, salt potatoes, Aunt Karen's beans (mmmm), and corn on the cob. I wish I lived closer to Rochester because I could have steamed clams again today (they had about 30 dozen leftover). Oh well.

The surprise of the day came while looking through Janine's photo album her parents created for graduation. As I looked at a shot of her and some friends, a hand reaches out and a girl says, "There's me." Without looking up, and taking a sip of my Labatt beer, I ask, "Who else at this table (where I was standing) is in these pictures?" There was a slight pause and then the voice says, "Julie C****a? Are you Julie C****a?" I lift my head to look straight at Courtney. I babysat Courtney and her younger brother and sister through a good chunk of high school. She's graduating from high school this year. My mom says I looked like I went into shock. I guess I don't expect the kids I watched to ever grow up. I also felt like I was caught misbehaving, standing there with a beer in my hand. Guess that's one of the hazards of growing up.

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