Wednesday, June 05, 2002

The Flash and Crash of the Seasons

Not very many people slept fitfully last night in Chautauqua County. Several thunderstorms rumbled through the area, illuminating countless bedrooms, rousing people from their sleep. I managed to sleep better than some, but even I got up and toddled down the hall to get a glass of water in the midst of it. The lightning was quite impressive. Lots of forks, bolts, and huge flashes that lit up the sky.

Blood and Gore in the Morning

For some reason, people are talking about all sorts of icky things today. My morning chit chat with our Senior Aide consisted of her telling me all about her granddaughter getting her thumb slammed into a doorway by a table she was carrying. That evolved into another story about how the same granddaughter broke her leg, but walked on it for a couple days. Then I went down the hallway to the Legislative offices where the aides were talking about female issues "down there." This included a procedure where an agio-plasty like balloon is inserted and then filled with saline solution that's heated to 180 degrees. Apparently this burns the walls of the uterus and helps certain conditions. Aren't you glad you just ate lunch after reading that?

Camping at the Biker's Club

Matt and I attended a Stag/Stagette party this past Saturday for friends of ours. It was more of a fundraiser with beer and a band. Weddings are so expensive and the friends of the bride and groom decided it would be cool to throw a party to raise money so the couple could have more fun on their honeymoon. We had a good time. Ended up camping overnight at the Biker's club (where the party was at) in a tent. I hadn't done that since my senior year in high school. Fun stuff other than constantly being awoken by party-goers muttering in drunken states. Incidentally, the Biker's club was pretty nice. Those bikers are very particular about their lawn, so we had a nice swath of green grass to put our tent on.

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