Monday, June 10, 2002

Blogging and Journalism

I'd like to sit in on this college class about blogging out of mere curiosity. However, I tend to agree with Sean Kirby, author of the Daily Pundit, who said in the above linked article, "Teaching of blogging in journalism school signals an end of an era, a movement from blogging being separate from the old media, to it being appropriated by the media establishment."

This blog tends to be a more informal update on my daily happenings, but I do like to get a little serious at times. I will be soon adding to my links on the left the serious blogs I've been reading lately. It's amazing how much we miss in the popular media. There is such a load of information out there that I believe many things are happening under our noses that would appall us. Not that I'm saying there's a mass conspiracy, I just think there's an overabundance of information that the popular media has trouble sorting into a level of importance or relevancy.

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