Friday, June 21, 2002

He Defined the Term "Meathead"

I went to a new fitness place yesterday to learn how to use their machines and where I should start in my workout program. The fitness place has a trainer, Justin, on hand to show you the proper way to control the equipment, how to fill in a sheet that keeps track of how many reps/weights/seat position/etc., and generally answer questions. The training was fine. After we finished the go-around, I headed off to use some piece of equipment that looked like a step-machine but had poles that moved your arms as if you were cross-country skiing (epileptic machine? something like that, but not in an epilepsy-kind of way). Justin called over as I walked away and the following conversation occured:

Justin: "Hey, what school did you go to?"
Me: "High School or College?"
Justin: "High school."
Me: "Irondequoit."
Justin: looks confused
Me: "It's in Rochester. I'm from Rochester."
Justin: "Oooh. Ok. I thought I went to school with you since you're last name is McLachlan."
Me: looking really confused "Huh? My last name is C****a."
Justin: "Well I saw the McLachlan on the back of your shirt and I went to school with.."
Me: interrupting "You mean Sarah McLachlan?? She's a singer."
Justin: "Oh is she? I went to school with someone with the same name and I thought that since her name was on your shirt that it was her."
Me: uncertain smile "Ah.. well.. ok. Yeah.. Sarah McLachlan is a singer. She's from Canada."
Justin: "Cool.. see ya."

Now, I don't usually judge a person by their music knowledge. Ok, who am I kidding? Of course I do! But usually I give a person some space to breathe if it's a band I know is not mainstream. Sarah McLachlan is fairly mainstream in my opinion. I mean, christ on a bike, her last album (studio produced as opposed to live) was even featured in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Ew. I used to be a pretty big Sarah fan, but I didn't like the attitude that started to develop by the third (and so far last) Lillith Faire. Maybe I just got sick of radio playing all her stuff to death. Holy tangent batman! I think you get where I was going with all of this. Yeah.

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