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My Smiths anthem is... "Girlfriend in a Coma"

My my, you may have found love, but you've got a weird attitude about it. This may be good, since it keeps you from taking yourself too seriously. You see a balance to life, neither all good nor all bad, but a mixture of all. You are probably the most well-adjusted in the Smiths Anthem list. Congratulations.

"Girlfriend in a Coma" is from Strangeways, Here We Come or Best...1.

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Did You Watch Ranger Bob?

You know, Shep has a way of making me practically fall out of my seat with the stuff he finds on-line. And actually, since we visit one of the same news sites, it’s amazing that I didn’t pick up on this one.

Ranger Bob has a website. Yup. The same Ranger Bob that used to be on WUHF 31 back in the 80’s in Rochester, NY. My mom was never a huge tv enthusiast, so I saw most of Ranger Bob’s stuff while hanging out at my friend, Ellen’s, house. It was pure cheese and entertainment for kids at it’s best. I can’t explain the program very well, so just go to the site and relive memories or just wonder about us past/present Rochestarians.

Also, this picture was taken at my hometown’s (Irondequoit) 4th of July Parade in 1982. I’m pretty sure that I should know at least one kid in the picture. Most of the kids I went to school with would have been 5 or 6 the summer this was taken.

Easter Holiday

I’ll be traveling up to Buffalo for the Easter weekend. Anyone wan…
Oh, Canada

Matt and I had a fairly quiet trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake this past weekend. We left a little earlier than planned on Friday due to some nasty weather here in Chautauqua. The rest of the trip was fine, including the border. I can’t tell you how beautiful the Rogers-Harrison house is! It was exactly what I was hoping for in a bed and breakfast. The house is Georgian style, built in 1817 on the foundation of the original house which had been burned down during the War of 1812.

Friday Night: We went to the Angel Inn Pub for a pint and some eats. This pub is one of the oldest operating inns in the area. I like how the overheard beams are rough-hewn. We could have stayed there, but I was afraid the noise from the pub area might drift upstairs. Matt and I both tried the Angel Inn Red. Heavy stuff! Very reminiscent of Killian’s Red, but much better and with a much higher alcohol content. We were there too early to hear the folk band play, but we did eavesdrop a little on…
You are Hobbes!
You're a bit too mellow to be an incarnation of Calvin, but you're still his best pal. You don't mind having fun, though, and enjoy playing tricks on your friends when they least expect it.
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Day Interrupted

I will blog about the trip soon. It was really cool. Today sucked though. I'm usually pretty healthy, but today my stomach decided it hated me and sent me scurrying to the lavatory twice and had me reaching for my empty lunch sack on the way home from work. Bleh. I know that's gross. A woman across the hall in Law had the same thing last week. And no, it's not that. As far as I'm concerned at least.

Quick Music Note

I only own one of Rolling Stone's 50 Coolest Albums. That would be Beck "Odelay." I guess it doesn't count if you have the songs mentioned in the article on a greatest hits album, and it also doesn't count if your dad owns the album and you listen to it when you're visiting your parents, and I guess it also doesn't count if you know you love the album but haven't gotten around to spending the money for it yet, right? Ah well.
Have a Hair Band Day!

I heard three major hair band songs on my way into work today. It started with Nelson’s “Love & Affection,” followed by Damn Yankees “High Enough,” and then the ultimate: Nazareth with “Love Hurts.” If this wasn’t weird enough, I could sing along with all three songs with all the confidence of a 1980’s girl who just successfully got her bangs to do “the claw” AKA raise off the top of her head in incremental heights. Yeah. I don’t feel too badly about this since I know you know the words too. It’s inescapable.

Hair Band + Orchestra = Orchestra Fun Day!

The orchestra teachers in my school district came up with this idea for an “Orchestra Fun Day” where all the kids in orchestra in our district would gather in one large space for a Saturday morning and play songs together and play goofy games as team building exercises. It was a cool gig for the younger students since we got to hang out with the ultra-cool high school students. No jokes please. One of the …
What happened to mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful??

Spring would be one of the only poems by E.E. Cummings that I really got. And yes, those are capital “E”’s. My senior project in AP English my senior year in high school was on the esteemed Cummings and several of his biographies emphasized the fact that other people lower-cased his name. Not E.E. himself. I like the fact that I know that. Of course, don’t ask me much else about him. My memory isn’t that good.

Anyway! There’s a lot a of snow blowing around outside. The first day of Spring started out pretty innocently with 40 degree weather and sunshine. Now we’re expecting up to a foot of snow is some places. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that a lot of snow is not unusual in this area of New York State. God love the Lake Effect Snow! Schools in North County have already closed or are canceling activities. I normally could care less, but this weather is putting a damper (or should I say freeze?) on my week…
Forget Him! Tea.. Not Just For Break-Ups

Why didn't they have stuff like this when I was in high school and college?

Don’t Surround Yourself With Yourself

..Move on back two squares.. Hello. I’ve been pondering that line from that song by Yes. I can’t think of the name off the top of my head. Don’t surround yourself with yourself. Does that mean you shouldn’t be so self-centered that all you have is yourself? Does it mean you should surround yourself with all kinds of people, with all kinds of personalities so that you don’t have yourself around you as much as you have the world?

Jingle Jangle

Matt, Richard, and I went to the St. Patrick’s day celebration here in Jamestown on Saturday. It wasn’t bad. Not as crowded as last year since the high school was still in the midst of performing Phantom. Ah well. I ran into Gary Peters, a local artist, and we struck up a conversation on local commercials. It went along the lines that there are some commercials that you never forget because they have that catchy jingle or tag line. For example: the Bush Furniture Outlet has this tagline where the m…
Sorry for the Vagueness

I'm just in a funk. I don't know if it has anything to do with the gloomy weather. The sudden shift from sunny, warm weather to cool, damp, gray shite. I'm also letting myself dwell on some past shite in my life that I shouldn't dwell on. *shrugs* Don't worry. I'm fine. One good thing. I'm finally understanding why someone told me a long time ago that I needed to listen to Radiohead's Ok Computer through really good headphones. I'm listening through my computer speakers (which are sounding pretty awesome tonight for some odd reason). It's a damn fine album! And I finally am starting to understand why a small faction of my friends were so fanatic about Pink Floyd. What great production! Oh sigh. That just depresses me. Excuse me while I go drown my miseries in a fucking huge cup of tea. Smiles. It's alright. Really.
Radiohead - "Let Down"

transport. motorways & tramlines. starting and then stopping.
taking off & landing. the emptiest of feelings. sentimental drivel.
clinging onto bottles. when it comes it's so so. disappointing let down and hanging
around. crushed like a bug in the ground.
let down and haNGiNG arouNd.
shell smashed. juices flowing. wings twitch. Legs are going. don'T geT senTimental.
it always end up dRRiveLLLL. one day. i am goiingtogrow wings. a
chemichal reaCtion. hysterical & useLess. hysterical &Let down and hanging around.
crushed Like a bug in the ground. Let down and haNGiNG arouNd. you know where you
are with. you know where you are with. floorcoLLapses fLoating bouncing back annd one
day youLLL know where you are .
Front Moving In = Massive Headache

Ah.. what is being viewed as a pretty nice, warm day to many is turning out to be a killer headache for me. Oh well. That’s the breaks of getting old I suppose.

The last few days have been a little off kilter from the daily routine. Yesterday was the funeral for my co-worker Everett. It was a touching ceremony, well, the eulogy given by my boss was the most touching part for me since I didn’t get into the religious part of it. It was good to see so many people turn out for the funeral. The day was sunny, had clear skies, and the first touches of spring were warming everything. Matt came too, as well as Chuck and Lori all the way from Washington D.C.. It was good to see them despite the circumstances.

Going to the funeral and reception afterwards meant that I worked a total of 3 1/2 hours yesterday. That’s ok. I probably earned it somewhere in there. At the reception, I found out the sponge candy I had given one of my co-workers had been muc…
Gassy Shoes

My shoes smell like gasoline. Sunday afternoon, Matt and I stopped at a Mobil station in Irondequoit to get gas for our trip home. It was super windy, so I wasn’t paying attention to anything other than filling my gas tank and bracing myself from getting blown away by a strong gust of wind. After I settled back in the car with a sigh of relief, I noticed the odor but assumed it was fumes from the pump. We drove off and the smell remained. I realized then that I must have stepped in some spilled gas. I didn’t realize that it would permeate the sole of my shoe to the point where the smell still lingers three days after the fact. Anyone have suggestions on how to make the soles of my shoes less smelly? What a funny thing, it’s the outside of my shoes that stink as opposed to the insides where my feet are. Hm.
Shoulder To The Wheel

This is where I hope none of my friends get pissed at me. Matt and I were in Rochester this past weekend to see our friend Mike perform in the production of Nuts put on by the Penfield Players. Our lives have been incredibly hectic and stressful lately and I just needed a weekend to chill. Unfortunately, that meant sacrificing time with friends. My apologies.

Saturday, we went to the Science Museum and tooled around there for a couple hours. There’s an awesome exhibit about weather and Lake Ontario. I really dug the stuff that Meteorologist Kevin Williams put together for the exhibit. He spoke to my class when I was in middle school and that inspired me to get more interested in weather. I probably would have pursued meteorology more if there wasn’t math involved. Who knows though. I’m always up for a career change. After the museum, we popped over to see Matt briefly. I think we got the “Wha-huh? What are you guys doing in town??” from him, but that …
Not For Those Easily Disturbed

I found this hysterical.. seriously. It reminds me of my friend Robin. She would have a t-shirt with this on it. And she would wear it everyday.

We now join this blog already in progress...

Vinnie and Angelo’s “Mother” Passes On

Ok, if you’re from Rochester, you cringe every time the commercials for Irondequoit Dodge come on. Yet, at the same time, there’s a certain kischt that makes them slightly appealing. One of the main characters of those commercials has died. I doubt anyone will forget the Jewish woman who played the doting Italian mother in those obnoxious car commercials. Come on, you can hear it now, “Come-a Seeya My Boys-a at-a Irondequoit-a Dodge-a!”
This is soooooo cool!

take the which one of the trading spaces cast are you? quiz!

Hey, You Never Know

I got sucked into donating a dollar to our floor’s LOTTO pool at work. There are 29 people in this pool. There is $45 million at stake. After getting the lump sum, it’s only $22 million. After taxes, it’s $14 million. Split that up between nearly 30 people and we would all receive a little over $4800. That’s just nuts! However, I could use $4800 so I wouldn’t complain too much. Of course it would go right into my savings that I’ve been steadily building on the chance that I might need it for a big party some day *wink wink*

No More Shep’s

I was thoroughly bummed to hear that Shep’s Paradise in Rochester closed this past weekend. I actually had been there and sang karaoke (“Moondance” by Van Morrison and “Something So Strong” by Crowded House) several times. Cindy used to live right by Shep’s and I think she even took her mom there a few times. I have a couple pictures from the last time I was there. It was a cool place. Another cool spot in town would be…

I watch many folk.
Walking from the parking lot.
Sad come, happy leave.

I haven’t written a Haiku in a damn, long time. I must be bored at work.
No Blood For You!

I attempted to donate blood today here at work. My iron levels were only at 35% and you need to be at 38% to donate. Oh well. Not the first time that’s happened. I was almost tempted to tell them to take my phone number off their list so I wouldn’t have to put up with harassing phone calls telling me how important it is for me to donate and blah blah blah. I almost walked out of the waiting area this morning just because the man signing in people was an annoying twit. I don’t appreciate being patronized on top of being harassed into coming down to donate in the first place.

Ghost World

I rented Ghost World last night. Good movie. Of course Steve Buscemi was in it. I say “of course” because Steve is one of those guys whose answering machine message says, “Hi, you’ve reached Steve Buscemi. I’m not here, but yes, I will take the part. Send me the script and I can be ready on moment’s notice. I’ll appear in anything. Etc.” Rent this movie if only for the scen…
I’m Good… Oh Yeah.. I’m Good

Sometimes you have to give yourself a little ego booster. If you recall several posts ago, I mentioned that we had a pretty good chance of getting one last decent snowstorm before March 14. Well guys, what can I say when you get weather advisories like this:




Mind you. We’ve already received over a foot in some places. Total accumulation should be well over 2 feet for the snowbelt areas. I’m just happy to be right for once.

All this nifty weather wasn’t so swell last night. I had to drive home from Buffalo at a snail’s pace. I was a little worried since you could tell the roads were slippery, but I made it back…
I find this strangely satisfying...

TECSOL A-2 Solvent, Anhydrous:
You are an industrial solvent marketed as TECSOL Special Industrial Solvent by Eastman Chemical Company. You are available as both 95% and anhydrous. You are denatured with methyl alcohol and methyl isobutyl ketone. Find out what kind of industrial solvent you are
I Don't Know What It Is, But It's Fun

Sometimes I go to the search page for search engine referrels I receive. This one was for "Java+Julia." This site was one of the places listed as a result. I have no idea what it is, but I had fun playing with it for a few minutes. Created a few pretty images. If you know what this is all about, please email me. I'm just computer deficient in some areas.

Away For a Few Days

I'm heading up to Buffalo for both my grandmother's birthdays this weekend. No updates until I get back or have something to talk about. I'm just glad it's the weekend :-)
Mm.. Bad Food

I must give a shout out to my man Darren in the Legislative Offices for bringing in doughnuts and saving a raspberry & cream filled powdered doughnut for me. I've cut out doughnuts from my diet, but I couldn't flat out refuse this one. It was soooo sugary. I'll probably be flying all afternoon (since I had it for dessert at lunch). Now back to my regularly scheduled diet program (or whatever it is).

What Did She Say??

On the way to work a couple days ago, that new song by Shakira came on "Whenever, Wherever." Most of it was going in one ear and out the other until the line "My breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains" smacked me in the forehead. What's up with that??? I've seen Shakira's video for this song and it doesn't look like she has small and humble breasts, but at the same time I've never seen her in person. In fact, the only thing I noticed about her is that she looks…