Monday, March 25, 2002

Day Interrupted

I will blog about the trip soon. It was really cool. Today sucked though. I'm usually pretty healthy, but today my stomach decided it hated me and sent me scurrying to the lavatory twice and had me reaching for my empty lunch sack on the way home from work. Bleh. I know that's gross. A woman across the hall in Law had the same thing last week. And no, it's not that. As far as I'm concerned at least.

Quick Music Note

I only own one of Rolling Stone's 50 Coolest Albums. That would be Beck "Odelay." I guess it doesn't count if you have the songs mentioned in the article on a greatest hits album, and it also doesn't count if your dad owns the album and you listen to it when you're visiting your parents, and I guess it also doesn't count if you know you love the album but haven't gotten around to spending the money for it yet, right? Ah well.

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