Friday, March 22, 2002

Have a Hair Band Day!

I heard three major hair band songs on my way into work today. It started with Nelson’s “Love & Affection,” followed by Damn Yankees “High Enough,” and then the ultimate: Nazareth with “Love Hurts.” If this wasn’t weird enough, I could sing along with all three songs with all the confidence of a 1980’s girl who just successfully got her bangs to do “the claw” AKA raise off the top of her head in incremental heights. Yeah. I don’t feel too badly about this since I know you know the words too. It’s inescapable.

Hair Band + Orchestra = Orchestra Fun Day!

The orchestra teachers in my school district came up with this idea for an “Orchestra Fun Day” where all the kids in orchestra in our district would gather in one large space for a Saturday morning and play songs together and play goofy games as team building exercises. It was a cool gig for the younger students since we got to hang out with the ultra-cool high school students. No jokes please. One of the “games” that the high school orchestra teacher liked to do involved playing a song and doing a kind of simon says routine. All the students had to copy her every move. This was supposed to teach us to pay attention to the conductor and take our cue from her on what our next move would be. It was one of my favourite games since I was pretty good at following a conductor already. In eighth grade, our teacher decided to use the aforementioned Damn Yankees song for this game. I remember John P., a junior, freaking out that we were getting to listen to rock music during Orchestra Fun Day. The look of shock turning into a wide grin stuck in my head. It was a cool day.

The Trip

We’re almost prepared for our trip up and over to Canada. Since I doubt Matt will see this before the trip, we’re going to Niagara-On-the-Lake. Now, this isn’t the most exciting place if you’re looking for a rockin’ good time, but if you’re looking for a quiet weekend it’s ideal. We just need to chill. The bed and breakfast I found is the Rogers-Harrison House. Nice place right on the “main drag.” If you’re so curious, you can check out the room we reserved: The Rogers Room. You can’t beat the exchange rate! As I write this, $1 US equals $1.57 Canadian. It’s almost crazy!

The one thing I’m still very concerned about is the weather. I’m more worried about getting out of Chautauqua County in one piece than anything. There’s some real heavy snow scattered throughout, but once you get on the Thruway and make it to Buffalo, it’s not as bad. At least that’s what the RADAR tells me. Hey Shep! Still want some snow? We’ve had plenty this winter/spring! Geezus.

So this blog will be on temporary hiatus for the weekend. I’ll update it when I have free time next week.

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