Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Hey, You Never Know

I got sucked into donating a dollar to our floor’s LOTTO pool at work. There are 29 people in this pool. There is $45 million at stake. After getting the lump sum, it’s only $22 million. After taxes, it’s $14 million. Split that up between nearly 30 people and we would all receive a little over $4800. That’s just nuts! However, I could use $4800 so I wouldn’t complain too much. Of course it would go right into my savings that I’ve been steadily building on the chance that I might need it for a big party some day *wink wink*

No More Shep’s

I was thoroughly bummed to hear that Shep’s Paradise in Rochester closed this past weekend. I actually had been there and sang karaoke (“Moondance” by Van Morrison and “Something So Strong” by Crowded House) several times. Cindy used to live right by Shep’s and I think she even took her mom there a few times. I have a couple pictures from the last time I was there. It was a cool place. Another cool spot in town would be Bullwinkles on Lake Avenue. If you’re not into early 1900’s to 1950’s music, don’t go.. but I had an awesome time when I went with Matt and a bunch of his crazy friends a few years ago.

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