Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Gassy Shoes

My shoes smell like gasoline. Sunday afternoon, Matt and I stopped at a Mobil station in Irondequoit to get gas for our trip home. It was super windy, so I wasn’t paying attention to anything other than filling my gas tank and bracing myself from getting blown away by a strong gust of wind. After I settled back in the car with a sigh of relief, I noticed the odor but assumed it was fumes from the pump. We drove off and the smell remained. I realized then that I must have stepped in some spilled gas. I didn’t realize that it would permeate the sole of my shoe to the point where the smell still lingers three days after the fact. Anyone have suggestions on how to make the soles of my shoes less smelly? What a funny thing, it’s the outside of my shoes that stink as opposed to the insides where my feet are. Hm.

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