Friday, March 15, 2002

Front Moving In = Massive Headache

Ah.. what is being viewed as a pretty nice, warm day to many is turning out to be a killer headache for me. Oh well. That’s the breaks of getting old I suppose.

The last few days have been a little off kilter from the daily routine. Yesterday was the funeral for my co-worker Everett. It was a touching ceremony, well, the eulogy given by my boss was the most touching part for me since I didn’t get into the religious part of it. It was good to see so many people turn out for the funeral. The day was sunny, had clear skies, and the first touches of spring were warming everything. Matt came too, as well as Chuck and Lori all the way from Washington D.C.. It was good to see them despite the circumstances.

Going to the funeral and reception afterwards meant that I worked a total of 3 1/2 hours yesterday. That’s ok. I probably earned it somewhere in there. At the reception, I found out the sponge candy I had given one of my co-workers had been much appreciated by his wife. She also told me the silver bell I had included in it (bought from Crate & Barrel) had been given to the younger sister (?) of Amy King. Amy King was a young stewardess who had been killed on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. That made me feel good. Strange how something simple you do can ultimately go to help someone else who is in pain.

Night on the Town with Family

My Aunt Carol is coming over for dinner tonight. She’s in Dunkirk today overseeing preparations for the grand opening of a Hallmark store in a plaza there. Since this is a two day deal, she’s staying overnight at our house. Our first real houseguest! We’re making the spicy green beans and pork recipe featured at Wegman’s this week. After dinner, we’re going over the Reg Lenna Civic Center to see Jamestown High School’s production of Phantom. Mind you, it’s not the Andrew Lloyd Weber version. So hopefully this evening will be a good time.

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