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About A Blog in Buffalo News

There's a little article about blogging in the Buffalo News today. Mentions all the usual goodies. I'm still wondering where that USA Today or USA Weekend article was that supposedly quoted something from Jenny's blog. Of course that was eons ago in Internet time (last year).
The Cool Kids from BOCES

Today was the going away picnic for a group of students from BOCES that have been working in the County office buildings. I don't know what BOCES stands for, but it had pretty negative connontations when I was a kid (Example: "Ooohh.. you're so stupid you have to ride the BOCES bus.") But I digress. These kids, who are mentally and/or physically challenged, have been working here for the entire school year and have really made huge progress in their abilities. They even surpassed what their instructors thought it was possible for them to do. So I was pretty honored to be invited to their picnic today. The thing that got me the most was how sad a lot of them were that they couldn't come back to work tomorrow. The people in the Buildings & Grounds department (where the kids worked) are looking into whether the kids can come back this summer and volunteer. That's how much the kids loved their jobs here. They weren't paid …
Post Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was plain odd. It started with a funeral and ended with me suffering from either PMS, dehydration, or some other ailment.


The funeral for my Aunt was ok. Her daughter made no preparations for the service so my mom was asked 20 minutes before the service began to deliver the eulogy. And my grandfather asked me to do the readings since "you have a radio voice." Now, any regular reader of this blog knows I'm not religious, so the fact that I'm doing a reading in a Catholic church (and I had to pick out the second one!) is pretty funny despite the circumstances.

Shooting Pool on Saturday Night

I finally, after 25 1/2 years, found a sport I can play with my dad. Pool. I took him to this sorta new place in Irondequoit by the corner of Hudson Ave. and Ridge Rd. Matt came too. We had a good time. I sucked, but my dad kicked some butt! He mentioned he hadn't really played since college. You couldn't tell. …
Slam It To the Left! Shake It To the Right! Shake It To the Front!

I love KaZaa, but I hate the spyware that slowly begins to interfere with everything. I mean, here's a program that lets me download guilty pleasures like the Spice Girls and then it slowly tries to Big Brother my computer. *sighs* Guess it's time to get KaZaa Lite. It's the same as KaZaa but without annoying ads and spyware. Then it's off to some site a friend found that determines whether any spyware is installed on your computer. I don't know if it gets rid of it, but at least it's a start.

CD Blow Out

I went ahead and ordered to CD's I've wanted for awhile "Apollo 18" by They Might Be Giants and "Oranges & Lemons" by XTC. I'm not into paying more than $13 for a CD and by ordering on-line I was able to get one for $12 and the other for $9. So I don't feel too bad about buying more CD's that I really don't need (you should see my collection…
Spa Appointment = Stress

Matt ever so lovingly gave me a nice gift certificate to a nice Day spa in town for Valentine's day. Back then, he said, "Don't save this! Use it now because you really needs some destressing." I should have listened. See, in Chautauqua County during the summer, it's almost impossible to schedule any kind of appointment that involves beauty stuff. All the summer visitors are here taking up appointment times from us locals. Ah well. I'd rather have loads of tourists than none at all.

So I made my appointment today for a facial with shiatsu massage and a parrafin dip for both my hands and feet. It's not until Friday, July 5th at 3pm. Looks like I'll be taking the day after Independence Day off!

Memorial Day Weekend

Matt and I are heading out of town tomorrow night for the weekend. Our first stop is Buffalo for my Aunt Dorothy's funeral on Saturday morning. After that's done we're heading to Rochester. Onl…
Season Sweeps = No Blog

I admit I've been glued to my television for the past three nights in order to sniff through series finales and season finales. It's amazing that while I haven't watched The X-Files for about 3 seasons that it all still made sense to me. Ditto for Ally McBeal, although I did watch a good chunk of this season purely for the Jon BonJovi factor. I sniffed quite a bit during that series finale, even though it mostly sucked. I felt it was a very weak ending and the best parts were the flashbacks (of better seasons). And That 70's Show was decent.

Paradox Sunday

This past Sunday was odd. Matt and I went into Buffalo for my cousin Andrew's confirmation. I don't usually go to church related events, but Andrew's dad is my Godfather, so I was kind of expected to attend. When we picked up my Aunt Carol on the way, I found out my Great-Aunt Dorothy had died that morning. She had gotten quite sick a few days before and in the end died fr…
Singing With Headphones

I pray I don't sound like a wounded cat right now. I downloaded "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus earlier today and decided to listen to it. And sing along very loudly. Matt hasn't come running upstairs holding his ears in pain, so it can't be that bad. I discovered KaZaA (via Cindy) and am indulging in guilty pleasures now (aka Michelle Branch). I'm soooo ready for this week to be over. I haven't gotten home from work any earlier than 8:30pm all week. Crunchy Cheetos and Pepsi have been my dinner of choice this week. Bleh! At least I'll get some body movin' Mexican at La Herradura tomorrow night with Matt, Ashleigh and Richard. Expect much wackiness to ensue (or just Richard drooling over Ashleigh). *grins*
Trees Falling

Half a tree fell in front of our house this morning, nearly falling on top of Matt's car. I wasn't there to see it happen, but Matt heard the crunch and crash of the one side of the tree breaking away and falling. Since the tree is so close to our house and Matt was still in bed, he rolled off the bed onto the floor just in case the limbs went through the window. It's all good at the moment, but our neighbors had their power and cable knocked out. The weather has just been crazy today. Rain, thunder, hail, wet snow, more rain, wind, and some more rain. The wind and rain is causing the lower (aka southern) end of Chautauqua Lake to flood a little since the wind is pushing the high waters up onto people's property. It's funny that a year ago, people were bitching about how low the lake levels were and now they're calling and bitching about how high the levels are. Nothing we can do unfortunately. The Warner Dam (on the Chadakoin River.. mode…
Dreaming of Casey Kasem

I dreamt about Casey Kasem the other night. I'm not even totally sure what he looks like in real life, but dreams have a way of working around that. In my dream, he asked me why I got out of radio. We talked about that for a bit and when he left, I got the feeling he was disappointed in me. Then I remembered that I never got a chance to tell him how much I enjoyed his show while I was growing up. Dreams are funny like that.

Driving in Rain and Mist

Sometime I forget how mystical this area can be. Driving back from Buffalo, a layer of fog was descending onto the tree tops. You had the feeling like you were entering fairy land or some sort of far off place. This morning, the fog was so thick outside my office window that you could barely see the cars parked below.
Do What You Love.. Without Fear

It's funny how the most out of context stuff will spark thought about life. Example: I watched bits and pieces of Notting Hill last night with my parents and grandmother during the commercials breaks for Trading Spaces. My mom commented on how Hugh Grant reminded her of a high school friend of mine. That got me thinking about that friend (and former boyfriend) and how he mentioned that one of the things he found very erotic about me was that I played violin. He made this comment several years after we had stopped dating. It had also been quite awhile since I had regularly played violin too (same goes for the present). Him mentioning that felt almost painful since I had an estranged relationship with my violin. I know that sounds bonky, but truthfully, I've always had a rocky relationship with that instrument. It could be so beautiful at times and other times, so painful (in the literal sense) and frustrating.

One of the most harmonious mo…
Mystery Worshipper

I've acted as a mystery shopper for Hallmark stores before, but it never crossed my mind that there were mystery worshippers as well! It's quite an ingenius idea if you're the type that goes to church every Sunday, even when you're on vacation (ie: my parents). And if I was the pastor at a church, this would be quite the useful site to see how visitor friendly the church is. For the "locals" that visit the link I provided, there is a review of St. Paul's Church in Rochester, NY and a review of the Sunday Summer Service at Chautauqua Institution.
Praise H-P!

Our computer came home yesterday afternoon. Matt took the afternoon off so he could begin the re-installing process of several programs we use. Then lo and behold! Matt turns on the computer to find that Hewlett-Packard transferred over all our data! I guess we had a few bad sectors on our old hard drive, so H-P gave us a new hard drive and copied our data onto it. I was very happy and relieved to have not lost countless emails, downloaded music, and my ever-growing bookmark (AKA Favourites) list. Naturally, I've learned my lesson when it comes to modern technology and have already started backing up email addresses and favourite links on web-based pages. Next step is to start burning some of those downloads onto CD! Phew!
Look Up, See Blue

You would normally associate that headline with Labatt's Blue. That's assuming you live in an area where you can actually buy Labatt's beer. Seeing, or drinking, blue may mean something totally different soon. Not that I'm for the "blue-ing" of our food and drink industry, but this is going slightly overboard several years too late. Wasn't the "blue" craze huge in the late 1990's? Maybe I am behind the times. Afterall, there's green and purple ketchup now.

I feel like I'm inflating. Yesterday I was fine. Today I feel like air is filling my body and causing it to expand to unprecedented proportions. The funny thing is that I know I will "deflate" in a couple days. Sometimes being a woman just sucks *grins* And where I'm not "inflating," I'm just sore. Saturday morning Matt and I helped out with "Hands On Jamestown." Over 300 people showed up to clean up downtown Jamestown. It was pretty cool, but I spent three hours squatted down, picking up countless cigarette butts or other trash items. The street we worked on looked great afterwards, but the tops of my thighs are killing me. Going up and down stairs or getting in or out of a chair is very painful at the moment.

Maple Syrup Festival

I suppose next to chocolate that maple syrup would be my favourite sweet. I seriously could sit down with a spoon and bottle of maple syrup (and I did once when I was a kid). This past weekend wa…
Back to the Digital Age

Our computer will be returned by the beginning of next week. This is good news. It also means better blogs from me. Good news for you, the reader! I'm hoping these past two computer-less weeks don't completely revert back to the digital world I was extreamly connected to before. I actually got to spend some time with Matt, which included completing some very overdue chores in our house (buying mini-blinds for our bedroom windows, buying gardening tools, washing the floors downstairs).

I also got to watch "Heritage House" on PBS. Excellent series if it goes on repeat in your viewing area. It's only 6 one-hour episodes, so it's easy to see all in a short time (3 days for me). I also did a little reading. Nothing too heavy. Just got caught up on some magazines floating around the house and read "The Nannies Diary." I think that's what it's called. Good read. Although it did make me pretty livid at how peopl…
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