Thursday, May 23, 2002

Spa Appointment = Stress

Matt ever so lovingly gave me a nice gift certificate to a nice Day spa in town for Valentine's day. Back then, he said, "Don't save this! Use it now because you really needs some destressing." I should have listened. See, in Chautauqua County during the summer, it's almost impossible to schedule any kind of appointment that involves beauty stuff. All the summer visitors are here taking up appointment times from us locals. Ah well. I'd rather have loads of tourists than none at all.

So I made my appointment today for a facial with shiatsu massage and a parrafin dip for both my hands and feet. It's not until Friday, July 5th at 3pm. Looks like I'll be taking the day after Independence Day off!

Memorial Day Weekend

Matt and I are heading out of town tomorrow night for the weekend. Our first stop is Buffalo for my Aunt Dorothy's funeral on Saturday morning. After that's done we're heading to Rochester. Only plans in the bag are taking my dad out to play pool. He's always wanted to try out this place in my hometown, but had no one to go with him. I also plan on taking in the Memorial Day parade, which will be on Sunday at 5:30pm instead of the traditional 9:30am on Monday. I was kinda bummed about that since I was looking forward to reliving some of my childhood. That's ok. Oh, and a funny thing. We may end up hanging out a little with some friends from Jamestown who will also be in Rochester for a day or two. But I'm really hoping to catch up with a couple friends I haven't seen in AGES.

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