Friday, May 24, 2002

Slam It To the Left! Shake It To the Right! Shake It To the Front!

I love KaZaa, but I hate the spyware that slowly begins to interfere with everything. I mean, here's a program that lets me download guilty pleasures like the Spice Girls and then it slowly tries to Big Brother my computer. *sighs* Guess it's time to get KaZaa Lite. It's the same as KaZaa but without annoying ads and spyware. Then it's off to some site a friend found that determines whether any spyware is installed on your computer. I don't know if it gets rid of it, but at least it's a start.

CD Blow Out

I went ahead and ordered to CD's I've wanted for awhile "Apollo 18" by They Might Be Giants and "Oranges & Lemons" by XTC. I'm not into paying more than $13 for a CD and by ordering on-line I was able to get one for $12 and the other for $9. So I don't feel too bad about buying more CD's that I really don't need (you should see my collection!).

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