Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Post Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was plain odd. It started with a funeral and ended with me suffering from either PMS, dehydration, or some other ailment.


The funeral for my Aunt was ok. Her daughter made no preparations for the service so my mom was asked 20 minutes before the service began to deliver the eulogy. And my grandfather asked me to do the readings since "you have a radio voice." Now, any regular reader of this blog knows I'm not religious, so the fact that I'm doing a reading in a Catholic church (and I had to pick out the second one!) is pretty funny despite the circumstances.

Shooting Pool on Saturday Night

I finally, after 25 1/2 years, found a sport I can play with my dad. Pool. I took him to this sorta new place in Irondequoit by the corner of Hudson Ave. and Ridge Rd. Matt came too. We had a good time. I sucked, but my dad kicked some butt! He mentioned he hadn't really played since college. You couldn't tell. I guess pool is one of those things you just pick up right away. Like riding a bike. Later on, Matt and I got gussied up and hung out with two friends from Jamestown that were in town for the evening. We went to Tonic and then over to The Blue Room. Good times.

Soak Up the Sunday

Matt, my mom, and I hit TJ Maxx on Sunday afternoon and picked up some really cool wine glasses. We should have bought 3 glasses, but they were pretty expensive. The glass has green-blue, purple, and silver swirls over the clear glass. We decided that since we have 3 cool wine glasses at home that we'll never find a full set of (green stem, blue base) that we'd just build a funky collection of similarly colored glasses. After shopping, we went to Irondequoit's Memorial Day parade. It was only 45 minutes and had lots of fire trucks, but it was all good. That night we went to the Old Toad and then Perkin's with Sean and Anne. It was very cool to see them, since we hadn't seen them since January.

Monday Malaise

Monday morning started out ok. We went to the Parkside Diner with my parents for breakfast. I saw an English teacher and Gym teacher from my high school that had gotten married. I nearly fell over since Anne and I had discussed them the night before. We were both seniors when the two teachers started dating. We used to joke that either the gym teacher was dating the English teacher, or he was getting help with learning how to read (since he spent so much time in her room). During breakfast I started feeling exhausted. We went home and I crashed on the couch for 2 hours. I then got up, took a shower, and realized that I had swelled all over. My shoes hurt, my pants were tight, my bra was tight, etc. My mom chalked it up to eating too much salty food and made me a raspberry leaf tea. Meanwhile, my joints were starting to hurt and my head ached. I was absolutely miserable! I slept a little more and then we packed and set off for Jamestown. Once we made it home, I went immediately to bed and slept for about 12 hours. I felt much better the next day. So who knows?

The Regular Week

I really would like a long vacation again. A vacation with no trips planned, no obligations, just time to do what I want around the house, take walks, drink lemonade or iced tea on the porch, read, listen to music... *sighs* Yeah. I want a summer vacation.

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