Monday, May 06, 2002


I feel like I'm inflating. Yesterday I was fine. Today I feel like air is filling my body and causing it to expand to unprecedented proportions. The funny thing is that I know I will "deflate" in a couple days. Sometimes being a woman just sucks *grins* And where I'm not "inflating," I'm just sore. Saturday morning Matt and I helped out with "Hands On Jamestown." Over 300 people showed up to clean up downtown Jamestown. It was pretty cool, but I spent three hours squatted down, picking up countless cigarette butts or other trash items. The street we worked on looked great afterwards, but the tops of my thighs are killing me. Going up and down stairs or getting in or out of a chair is very painful at the moment.

Maple Syrup Festival

I suppose next to chocolate that maple syrup would be my favourite sweet. I seriously could sit down with a spoon and bottle of maple syrup (and I did once when I was a kid). This past weekend was the New York State Maple Syrup Festival in Chautauquau County. Matt, his parents, and I gorged on the pancake breakfast and then waddled around to look at crafts. Maybe that explains my inflation, but I truly doubt it. I tried, for the first time, maple sugar cotton candy. Oh.. My.. God! It was simply amazing. And very sugary. I don't think I could have eaten any more than the sample that was given to me. It's just so rich. I did buy some kettle korn since it's one of those festival things that you have to indulge in once a year. While I was eating the pancakes with maple syrup, I got a little nostalgic for this pancake house out in Schoharie County (I think.. Matt help me out!). I went there a few years ago for breakfast and the pancakes were huge. Two was more than enough! And you eat at long tables, family style. I think the place was called Buckwheat Farms.

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