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And I Can Say "I Knew Her When.."

I saw this article about a girl from my high school who up for an award. She used to have her piano lesson right before mine. When I met her, I was 14 years old. That means she was either 4 or 5 years old, and damn good on the piano. My piano teacher, Mrs. Blind, always said Pheobe had a lot of talent. She was right!
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Telling ghost stories
that scare the crap out of me is your goal in
life. Please stop, the clowns'll eat me...

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
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Super Bowl Ads

I think James Lileks got it right in today's Bleat. Here's his review of the ads:

Bud Light: one commercial featured a fellow who attempts to chat up some beach bunnies by feigning a conversation with a sea shell; a crab leg deploys from the shell’s pink aperture and clamps on to his lip. This is a very successful ad, if you’re aiming at that portion of the beer-drinking demographic who secretly fear vaginas hide spiny crustacean appendages, but it left me cold. Another Bud Light ad featured a couple out on a date; the fellow had three arms. She asked why. He said it made it easier to order, pour, and consume Bud Light. Adding an extra arm so you can drink Bud Light is like having a doctor punch another mouth in your face so you can kiss your sister.

Most inadvertent bad comparison: Cadillac. We see a man waiting for a train in the subway; he’s sitting beneath a big ad for a lovely old Caddy, one of those battleship models that looked like someone threw a stiff sheet over K…

You Know You're From Rochester When...

This list is complied from random web sites...

The worst four-letter word you could say is "Fuji".

It's a disgrace to buy Fuji products.

The name "Greater Rochester International Airport" is bigger than the airport itself.

You know that a "Can of Worms" is not something that you take fishing.

It can be 70 degrees one day, below freezing the next, and you think nothing of it.

Your low-fat diet is never low enough to exclude an Abbott's custard.

You order a white hot and a pop, and the counterman knows what you're talking about.

You define summer as three months of bad sledding.

Wegmans is somewhere to go on a Friday night, for entertainment.

You can go to any mall on Saturday and see at least 5 people you either work with, went to school with or dated.

Halloween is snowed out with great regularity

You can travel from Egypt to Greece in about a half-hour by car.

You can't swim at the beach.

The thought of eating a "garbage pl…

Sushi Over Here

This is a momentous occasion here in Jamestown. We have a sushi bar. After complaining for the past three years, it has finally happened. I should qualify this by adding that the sushi bar is housed within the best Chinese restaurant in the county. That's not saying much, but it's still the best. I'm looking forward to trying their extensive menu. Plus, they deliver. Life just might get better here. Now all we need is a Target, Krispy Kreme, a good coffee shop that's open until midnight (in the style of Cibon), a Barnes & Noble, a Perkin's, a really good record store (ala Record Archive and Lakeshore Record Exchange), Nick Tahoe's, and a few more places to shop and I'll be happy happy happy forever. I can dream, can't I? Maybe I just need to move back to Rochester.

New Orleans Update

Well, I suppose it's time I got around to telling you all about our glorious trip down South.

Friday: We left Buffalo in 13 degree weather and arrived in New Orleans in 40 degree weather. A huge improvement already. After checking into our hotel, we proceeded down Canal Street to go to the Audubon Aquarium. On our way, we were accosted by a man (had a valid permit) and convinced to do a "survey" of a new hotel in the area. In turned out to be a timeshare presentation, but we ended up with free tickets to the Aquarium and a coupon book out of the deal. The Aquarium is super cool. I especially loved the otters, Buck and Emma. Matt ended up buying a little beany otter for me later on. After getting our fill of sea creatures, we headed over to the IMAX theatre to catch a 3D film there. It was ok (The Haunted Castle). It's the first museum IMAX I've been in where you can buy popcorn, soda, beer, etc. and eat it in the theatre. Guess I'm just used to the…

I Lose My Pink Card For Certain Now

Ok. Since Heidi was giving me the big hint to share my news, here it is. This past Saturday, while we were in New Orleans, Matt asked me to marry him (ring and all). I said yes of course. The date has not really been set, but we're projecting sometime in Summer 2004. Good news for me, bad news for my adoring fans who were all hoping I'd see the light and give them a chance. Well, I assume there has to be at least one adoring fan. No? Ah well.

Au Revoir

I just thought of a funny thing. This weekend (leaving today for Buffalo), Matt and I are off to New Orleans for a long weekend. For you history-types, the whole Creole thing happened because England/Canada kicked the Acadians out of Nova Scotia. This summer, I'm headed to Nova Scotia. What a funny coincidence!

Must.. Resist.. Urge.. To.. Scream..

You know how you can work on something for four days and when it's done, other people don't think it's any good? I'm going nuts here. I've clarified points of concern or questions and it's still not good enough. I'm about to pull my hair out on this press release. Then someone, who hadn't really reviewed it, suggested that we not do the release at all. That aggravated me even more since I believe there is a good story and I don't want to have just spent the last four days bothering staff for information to have it turn out for naught. Radio news was so much simpler (writing that is). I'm about ready to hunt for job openings at this point!

What's Your Deepest Secret?

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That's funny seeing as how just about everyone I know used to joke about how many points you'd get for hitting people with your car. You got the maximum points if you hit a quadriplegic baby. It was all in jest of course, but mildly entertaining. Especially when my mom got into it a couple times.

Grab Y'self a Pint and Drown In Ye Sorrows

Donn Esmonde once again has commentary that hits it on the nose for Buffalo. Of course it made me want to settle in for a liquid lunch, sing a few dirges, and wallow in the general malaise of the whole situation. Truthfully, the whole "badness" going on or depression with Buffalo is starting to be like battle scars. You get to a point where you can walk around proudly thumping your chest, saying you've survived all of this havoc and will continue to survive no matter what the stakes. It's the same down here in Chautauqua. It was so miserable down here for so long that people don't know how to react to positive change. Most get suspicious and question if it will do any good. Maybe we'll figure out our big rallying cry someday.

Where's That Key??

I was almost frantic after I couldn't find the wee, little key that opens the "lock" on this small cedar box of mine. Inside the box is what I call "phase one" of my dating history. Basically, notes and a few pictures of the first three guys I dated. I'm a bit of a pack rat and had gone through a different box full of letters and notes from friends/family (from 1988 through the college years). I had to audibly laugh at some of the things my friends said. Mostly inside jokes like my poor friend Sean not getting some girl told him he needed a haircut and "a different part." He knew it was from the movie, Singles, but didn't understand why getting a haircut would give him a different part. See the movie and pay attention to the Janet and Dr. Jamison scenes and it will all make sense. Lots of laughs and a few "Jesus Christ we were effed up!" when reading some letters from a penpal of mine. Ahh.. those sweet teen years. How glad…

Sex or No Sex

eMpTy-V actually had a decent show (Everybody's Doing It) on abstinence vs. well.. non-abstinence. Made me laugh and a little infuriated at times. See, the whole Not Me, Not Now program was started in my home county of Monroe, New York (read about research results of some survey done there). Anyway, I was fortunate to avoid that whole abstinence push. I suppose. I still think one of the more amusing parts of high school was finding out the dental dam could be used by people who weren't going in for a root canal. It didn't help that the guy who came to our health class kept stretching it out while explaining what it could be used for. My friend, Julie, made the wry observation that the plastic wrap around Fruit Roll-Ups was similar to dental dams and we had lots of fun laughing over that one. Anyway..

I think teaching just abstinence is a crock. It's ok to present it as an option. Lord knows I probably would have waited longer to become sexually active (that s…

Snow, Snow, Snow

We're getting hammered with snow across the county. We should have at least 2 feet of new snow in parts of the county by the end the weekend. We always laugh that if the weather forecasters say it's snowing in Chautauqua County, that they probably mean Mayville. Inevitably, it's always snowing here. That's almost no exaggeration. On the positive front, snowmobile trails across the county will be re-opened this week. Not that I snowmobile, but the sport has a $15 million impact on the county and an insurance glitch of a kind had shut down 70% of our trails these past two weeks. Thankfully, that's all worked out now across New York state.

Commotion at Timmy's

A couple weekends ago, Matt and I had dinner with Lynda at Red Lobster. After stuffing ourselves there, we headed on over to Tim Horton's for coffee and dessert. Tim's dining room closes at 10pm, but we made it just in time to snag a seat. While we were sipping our coffee, a group of early-twenties kids came in. The one guy kept insisting that the cashier gave him the incorrect change (guy gave him a $20 but didn't get back enough change). The cashier told him he could leave his name and number and someone would get back to him, that he couldn't open the register and just give him the money. This lil' punk kept at it, getting louder, his cronies getting into to. This whole time, Matt, Lynda and I are just sitting there, looking at each other with some mirth. We all knew the employee was in the right. I think we all resisted the urge to turn around and tell the kids to knock it off and to just leave their name and number if it was that important. Eventuall…

Let the Good Times Roll...

Besides being a line from a pretty good song by The Cars, it's also the catch phrase du jour down in a little city called New Orleans. Matt and I are headed there next weekend and have finally started researching places we would like to go while in town. Yahoo! actually has a good overview along with some good suggestions from this site. I'm also hoping we'll hear from Matt this week since he's been there a few times. In exchange, we're offering to pick up some Mardi Gras items for whenever his bash will be this year. So for those thinking I need a vacation, it's coming up soon!

The Quick Run Down of 2002

Sometimes you realize you're just not going to be able to do the overblown version of 2002. So here's a brief run-down Mayfly-style, but longer:

Near Disaster at Work. Change in Supervisors Makes Me Hopeful. Loss of Friend. Cool Trip to Washington DC. Actual loss of an aunt and cousin. Working towards a burnout. Numerous trips to Ohio to see friends and Gravity Games. Week in Rochester to run a garage sale. Most awesome trip to Orlando. Elections. Trip to Columbus to see friends. Really burned out. Depressing Holidays. Better outlook for 2003?

On the Upswing

Today is going pretty well. Despite snow, impending deadlines on multiple projects, and other craziness.. I'm doing fine. Maybe denial has truly set in. Well, I'll get around sometime today, tomorrow, or next few days re-capping 2002 Cindy-style and making sangria out of lemons. Believe me, sangria is much more interesting than lemonade. There are some nice bright spots in there and there are some pretty cool things coming up in 2003 (mucho traveling!).

Hormones or Otherwise

I feel I must apologize for the prolonged whining, carrying-on's lately. I have been pretty moody and am still trying to figure out how to break out of it. Also, it's driving Matt nuts since he can't figure out what's wrong with me. Part of me blames unhappiness with work, but Matt says I'm just trying to pin my mood on something tangible. Who knows? Although I'm not sure if my little fantasy of getting laid off is just a result of being lazy, or truly dissatisfied with work. Then of course I feel guilty. I should be very glad to have a job. And if I'm not happy with it, then I should get to figuring out how to change the environment so I am happy. See what I mean about whining? So when my mind isn't going a million miles an hour freaking out about various projects looming ahead, I am trying to find some kind of balance. F*ck. I just remembered something else coming up. Ah well. I'll catch you on the flipside.

Um.. Happy New Year?

Originally, Matt and I were just going to stay home and continue watching An Evening With Kevin Smith to bring in the New Year. We ended up leaving at 11pm to go see his brother's band play and see his family, who had all turned out to see Dave play as well. It was ok. I was just so tired. When I got home from work at 4:30-ish yesterday, I lay down on the couch and fell asleep for an hour and a half. Matt was a little ticked because he had gotten the fixings for steak fajitas. That's ok, we can have that today. I've just been so tired lately. Add that on top of the other stuff, and I'm no happy fun ball. After we saw the ball drop last night, Matt said to me later, "Happy New Year?" I answered, "No, not really."