Thursday, January 09, 2003

Commotion at Timmy's

A couple weekends ago, Matt and I had dinner with Lynda at Red Lobster. After stuffing ourselves there, we headed on over to Tim Horton's for coffee and dessert. Tim's dining room closes at 10pm, but we made it just in time to snag a seat. While we were sipping our coffee, a group of early-twenties kids came in. The one guy kept insisting that the cashier gave him the incorrect change (guy gave him a $20 but didn't get back enough change). The cashier told him he could leave his name and number and someone would get back to him, that he couldn't open the register and just give him the money. This lil' punk kept at it, getting louder, his cronies getting into to. This whole time, Matt, Lynda and I are just sitting there, looking at each other with some mirth. We all knew the employee was in the right. I think we all resisted the urge to turn around and tell the kids to knock it off and to just leave their name and number if it was that important. Eventually, one of the employees called Jamestown Police, who responded. The officers nodded at us in recognition, escorted the gang out, searched their car, and then let them go. We had window seats and saw it all happen. Matt's guess is that the kids ran out of beer money and were trying to con some out of Tim's. He checked up a few days later with the manager that was on duty that night and found out the cash register wasn't over or short that night. So now you know what we consider excitement around here!

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