Sunday, January 12, 2003

Where's That Key??

I was almost frantic after I couldn't find the wee, little key that opens the "lock" on this small cedar box of mine. Inside the box is what I call "phase one" of my dating history. Basically, notes and a few pictures of the first three guys I dated. I'm a bit of a pack rat and had gone through a different box full of letters and notes from friends/family (from 1988 through the college years). I had to audibly laugh at some of the things my friends said. Mostly inside jokes like my poor friend Sean not getting some girl told him he needed a haircut and "a different part." He knew it was from the movie, Singles, but didn't understand why getting a haircut would give him a different part. See the movie and pay attention to the Janet and Dr. Jamison scenes and it will all make sense. Lots of laughs and a few "Jesus Christ we were effed up!" when reading some letters from a penpal of mine. Ahh.. those sweet teen years. How glad I am that I can look back fondly while occasionally remembering why I hated them at the same time. After much searching, some attempted picking of the lock, and even more searching I found the key. Life is good.

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