Monday, January 13, 2003

Grab Y'self a Pint and Drown In Ye Sorrows

Donn Esmonde once again has commentary that hits it on the nose for Buffalo. Of course it made me want to settle in for a liquid lunch, sing a few dirges, and wallow in the general malaise of the whole situation. Truthfully, the whole "badness" going on or depression with Buffalo is starting to be like battle scars. You get to a point where you can walk around proudly thumping your chest, saying you've survived all of this havoc and will continue to survive no matter what the stakes. It's the same down here in Chautauqua. It was so miserable down here for so long that people don't know how to react to positive change. Most get suspicious and question if it will do any good. Maybe we'll figure out our big rallying cry someday.

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