Friday, January 10, 2003

Sex or No Sex

eMpTy-V actually had a decent show (Everybody's Doing It) on abstinence vs. well.. non-abstinence. Made me laugh and a little infuriated at times. See, the whole Not Me, Not Now program was started in my home county of Monroe, New York (read about research results of some survey done there). Anyway, I was fortunate to avoid that whole abstinence push. I suppose. I still think one of the more amusing parts of high school was finding out the dental dam could be used by people who weren't going in for a root canal. It didn't help that the guy who came to our health class kept stretching it out while explaining what it could be used for. My friend, Julie, made the wry observation that the plastic wrap around Fruit Roll-Ups was similar to dental dams and we had lots of fun laughing over that one. Anyway..

I think teaching just abstinence is a crock. It's ok to present it as an option. Lord knows I probably would have waited longer to become sexually active (that sounds so damn technical) and in the end sort of became a "born again virgin" by virtue of the fact that I didn't have sex for 2 years after I stopped seeing the first guy I slept with. After that, it was all downhill. Kidding! But it took that long to just be comfortable enough with myself (for various reasons I won't get into here) to be that intimate with another person. It took even longer to ultimately be comfortable with myself. You could say age and knowledge do matter.

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