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When the Bloggers Cause Trouble

It amuses me how the news media goes bonkers over various blogs sometimes. Some examples:

The Blog
Rance: A person who may be a celebrity in Hollywood skewering Hollywood and celebrities in a blog.

The Story
Reuters: "Hollywood Mystery Man 'Rance' Has Internet Abuzz"

The Blog
Washingtonienne (Archived)

The Story
Washington Post: "A Diarist's Safe-Sex Proviso" (Scroll Down)

The Blog
She's A Flight Risk

The Story
Wired News: Blogger-Catch Me If You Can

Being one of the types of bloggers that will probably never get that kind of widespread attention is a good thing. Of course that could all change tomorrow, but since I have no plans to do anything radical that disrupts the planetary alignments, I think I'm safe for now.

Slow Death of Radio

People have often told me that I left my news reporter job at one of the local radio stations just in time. I don't doubt they're correct since the already short-handed staff in the newsroom experienced a downsizing a year after I left. Since I left, the station owner who had promised to keep the then 78-year old radio station locally owned sold it to a Cleveland company. The latest news is just more proof that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is a dismal failure.

The Cleveland-based company, Media One Group, announced this week that they have entered into an asset purchase agreement to buy the other big group of radio stations in Jamestown. This would make the total number of stations owned by one company in the metro area five. You are allowed to own up to six in an area by FCC regulations. If this agreement is approved by the FCC, there will be only one radio station (WKZA) located in Jamestown that is not owned by Media One Group. I exclude WNED and WBFO since they are l…

If You Support Bush, Shame On You

In November 2000, I voted for Al Gore. Maybe I wasn't thrilled with him as a candidate, but I figured he had a better idea of what he was doing than Bush. Now, in May 2004, I know without a doubt that Gore was the right choice. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court appointed an person who is destroying this country. Former Vice-President Gore made a statement today that everyone should read, and pay heed to. His statement makes me angry, nay furious, at the sham of a government Bush is running right now.

News Coverage of Gore's Speech:

Washington Post
Associated Press
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Christ In A Canoe

In between wedding dress sewing and painting my parent's family room and entry way, Matt and I had time to marvel at the torrential storms that moved through the Western New York and Rochester area this weekend. In the 27 years my parents have lived at their house, I've never seen water come through the basement windows before. You could see a rain water mark 3 inches up on the glass pane the next day. The best part was our determined outing to one of the local bars near the Genesee River. Heidi, Ryan, Matt and me had to find detours around a flooded St. Paul Blvd. and flooded sides streets in order to find safe haven at The Summerville Grill. Heidi posted a picture of me at the bar on her blog. Mind you, I was exhausted at this point in the evening.

Matt and I found out after we came back to Chautauqua County yesterday that several roadways had been covered with water. Chautauqua Lake near Bemus Point is still at flood stage along with the Chadakoin River in the villag…

Moving Up In The World

Scientific studies have discovered that the melting of a ice sheet that stretches over the northern part of Canada is causing the Canadian land mass to rise higher than the United States. It's a see-saw effect. If you put weight down on one side, the other side rises. The ice was putting weight down on Canada, causing the U.S. land mass to be higher. Now that the ice is melting, the pressure is off the Canadian land mass.

This could mean earthquakes on the Eastern part of the U.S. where there are no fault lines or plate borders. My geological hazards professor at Buffalo State always said he knew there weren't any fault lines running underneath Western New York. However, his next comment that this meant New York State would never see a major earthquake seems bogus now. Note this seismic graph for the past decade. The orange spots are indications of earthquakes. The bigger the spot, the bigger the earthquake. The largest quake recorded in NYS was a 4.8 in Massena in…

The "Pope of Mope" Releases a "Fine Mess"

The beloved, yet seemingly unloved Morrissey has released his first album in seven years this week, You Are The Quarry.

And in support of his new album (and perhaps his birthday which is this Saturday), Morrissey will spend a week-long residency on the "Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" starting Monday.

My love affair with this Manchester lad began in 1991. Today, a book called Saint Morrissey confirms that I was not out of my head to be a fan. Those who could not look beyond the omnipresent doom and gloom they preceived vomiting from Morrissey's mouth missed out on very pithy lyrics. Indeed, Morrissey has been classified as being one of the great lyricists of the pop music genre.

The reviews are the new album are positive. And while almost all the reviews I've read have made mention of the fact that Morrissey has made L.A. his new home, none relate the fact that the album was actually recorded in England. Not only that, Morrissey will be performing his a conce…

"Now Spell Answer..."

You're a Speak & Spell!! You nerd, you. Just
because you were disguised as a toy doesn't
mean you weren't educational, you sneaky

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I loved my Speak & Spell! I even had a module based on E.T.. To relive the '80s in that quirky, educational way, check out this Speak & Spell emulator.

Wedding Bells?

I think it's about time to email my cousin, Bill, and kindly harrass him about when he and his partner, Bob, are going to get married. Especially since he told me almost a year ago that he would consider getting married if gay marriage was made legal in the state he lives in, Massachusetts. Well, 1,000 gay couples have sought marriage licenses in Massachusetts since yesterday, so he better hop to it!

And Nature Carries On...

Our little birdie died yesterday. I knew it wasn't going to be good when I came downstairs to feed him and he had gotten himself into the same position his sibling had gotten into before he died. Carefully using a plastic pen (not the pen end), I manuevered him back into a better position for him to breathe. I tried to feed him some of the food we made (following instructions found on the Internet), but he wouldn't open his mouth. I burst into tears. Matt came downstairs and took a look. We then did something we should have done before, but hadn't thought of it because it had been so warm the past day. We got out the heating pad and turned it on low, placing the pail at an angle on towels on top of it. Matt was able to feed him a little then. We kept checking on him, and Matt tried to feed him a few times, but it wasn't good. Around noon, Matt checked in on our little guy and turned toward me with a sad face, "I think he's gone." Of course I ba…

I AM the Luckiest Girl Alive

My fiance is a truly great guy. While I was checking some flowers I had planted this past Monday, I noticed something moving under one of the bushes by the house. If I hadn't gone to turn on the hose I probably would never have seen it. A little baby bird that apparently had fallen or been pushed out of its nest. I then saw a second little baby bird near it. I quickly watered my lavender plants and tried to decide what to do. The little thing doesn't even have feathers or its eyes open yet. After a minute, I ran inside and called Matt to ask him what he thought. The situation was so sad and the birds so helpless that I started to cry on the phone while I talked to him. He told me to hang on and he left work to come home to see what he could do.

Since both birds were alive, Matt lined a small, silver pail with grass and carefully placed them inside using a shovel. He then used a pen cap to dribble water down the throats of the birds. The one bird was obviously in b…

As Opposed to Trying to Earn A Toaster Oven..

Furnulum pani nolo.
"I don't want a toaster."
Generally, things (like this quiz) tend to tick you
off. You have contemplated doing grievous
bodily harm to door-to-door salesmen.

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Maybe this is the root of my problems. I didn't want a toaster to begin with, much less try to earn one through conversion! By the way, does anyone know the origins of how "earning a toaster oven" came about? I can guess it's based on the idea that once you sell enough in some businesses, cars for instance, that you win a prize. But the saying is so universal that I wonder who started it all.

Gee.. I Was Kinda Hoping For "Kissing Jessica Stein"...

Julia In Central Park (November 2003)

"That's So Bloggable!"

So I'm checking out some of the many things on the Internet when Richard calls.
Richard: "So what's up?"
Julia: "Not much. Just reading the Internet."
*laughter from both*
Richard: "That's hysterical"
Julia: "I've been at it all afternoon. Gotta test on it tomorrow."
Richard: *laughter*
Julia: "Yeah, you should see the index on this mother!"
Richard: "You know, that's so bloggable. Actually, you can buy a t-shirt over at Think Geek that says 'I'm Blogging This'."
Julia: "Really? I just might have to get it!"

So yeah, I changed my template in order to solve some of those nasty commenting problems. Spiffy for sure. Leave a comment damnit!

So Much For Population Control

Australians are throwing any ideas of world population control out the window with their government encouraging reproduction. Apparently they haven't heard how countries, like China, who have huge populations have taken extreme measures to reduce the country's population. We do not need more people than necessary on this planet! The planet's natural resources are already stretched thin as it is.

New Blogger

This new blogger stuff is freaking me out. Nah.. I'm just saying that because I'm punchy (as in tired). I lost my comments when I tried to switch over to blogger's commenting system. Hopefully they actually respond to my Help email I sent them. So if you see commenting back, leave one. Otherwise email me or leave a note in the guestbook (one of those links on the right side). In other news, I'll probably switch my template soon since there are so many other choices now. Or something. All in all... life is peachy. I need sleep. Good Night.

Three Questions AKA It's a Slow Effing Day

I'm getting this from Patrick, who got this from some other people, who apparently also had nothing better to do on a Thursday. If you know the creator, let me know and I will post the links them.

3 Questions

I want everyone and anyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want and I will truthfully answer it here on this blog. Then, I want you to go to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.


I can count on one hand how many times I've joined a group of friends to watch a tv program. The only one that sticks out in my head at the moment is the coming out episode of Ellen. Tonight will be the next moment as some of our usual Thursday drinking crew gather at our house to watch all the Friends finale hoopla.

Admittedly, I didn't start watching the series until Matt and I started dating. But in a funny twist of fate, the series premiered on the birthday of a guy I had just met who was beginning to become a great friend. It was my senior year of high school and I was more interested in watching My So-Called-Life. In the early years, all the hype about the show seemed a bit overdone to me. I knew groups of music students at Baldwin-Wallace that would tape each episode to watch on Thursdays after they got out of orchestra rehearsal. It wasn't until I started watching the show weekly sometime in late 1999, early 2000 that I began to understand.

And since I a…
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What Kind Of Coffee Are You? Take This Quiz :-)


Our meeting with the Pastor who will marry us went well.

I think we have all the music for our wedding picked out. I just need to produce our processional and recessional.

The wedding dress finally looks like a wedding dress. More fittings and lace applique sewing coming up.

How unbelievable, yet entertaining, was 10.5? Apparently 20.4 million people agree.

I have an interview on Friday at Home Depot. Don't know what job. I'm thinking they mixed up my resume with someone else's unless I'm lucky enough that they have an office job that pays a livable wage (by my terms).