Thursday, May 20, 2004

The "Pope of Mope" Releases a "Fine Mess"

The beloved, yet seemingly unloved Morrissey has released his first album in seven years this week, You Are The Quarry.

And in support of his new album (and perhaps his birthday which is this Saturday), Morrissey will spend a week-long residency on the "Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" starting Monday.

My love affair with this Manchester lad began in 1991. Today, a book called Saint Morrissey confirms that I was not out of my head to be a fan. Those who could not look beyond the omnipresent doom and gloom they preceived vomiting from Morrissey's mouth missed out on very pithy lyrics. Indeed, Morrissey has been classified as being one of the great lyricists of the pop music genre.

The reviews are the new album are positive. And while almost all the reviews I've read have made mention of the fact that Morrissey has made L.A. his new home, none relate the fact that the album was actually recorded in England. Not only that, Morrissey will be performing his a concert on his birthday in his hometown of Manchester, his first appearance there in 12 years. I'd say the old boy can't quit his homeland entirely. My impression of the album? Glorious. A kind of orgasmic longing that isn't truly fulfilled by the album because you know that its twelve tracks cannot carry on into infinity.

Boston Globe: Review Review

Washington Post: Review

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battlemaiden said...

Ah.....both our obsessions realeased new albums this week. Check out Tori Amos, too. Now it's my turn to drool. *Drools*

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