Wednesday, May 12, 2004

"That's So Bloggable!"

So I'm checking out some of the many things on the Internet when Richard calls.
Richard: "So what's up?"
Julia: "Not much. Just reading the Internet."
*laughter from both*
Richard: "That's hysterical"
Julia: "I've been at it all afternoon. Gotta test on it tomorrow."
Richard: *laughter*
Julia: "Yeah, you should see the index on this mother!"
Richard: "You know, that's so bloggable. Actually, you can buy a t-shirt over at Think Geek that says 'I'm Blogging This'."
Julia: "Really? I just might have to get it!"

So yeah, I changed my template in order to solve some of those nasty commenting problems. Spiffy for sure. Leave a comment damnit!

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