Friday, May 14, 2004

I AM the Luckiest Girl Alive

My fiance is a truly great guy. While I was checking some flowers I had planted this past Monday, I noticed something moving under one of the bushes by the house. If I hadn't gone to turn on the hose I probably would never have seen it. A little baby bird that apparently had fallen or been pushed out of its nest. I then saw a second little baby bird near it. I quickly watered my lavender plants and tried to decide what to do. The little thing doesn't even have feathers or its eyes open yet. After a minute, I ran inside and called Matt to ask him what he thought. The situation was so sad and the birds so helpless that I started to cry on the phone while I talked to him. He told me to hang on and he left work to come home to see what he could do.

Since both birds were alive, Matt lined a small, silver pail with grass and carefully placed them inside using a shovel. He then used a pen cap to dribble water down the throats of the birds. The one bird was obviously in better shape than the other one and even sat up a little so it could get at the water. We've been checking on it throughout the day. The other bird didn't make it, so Matt buried him next to the house. He changed the grass in the pail, gave the bird more water, and then brought the pail inside for the night since it's supposed to get down into the 50s.

We're not really sure what to do about the bird. I doubt it will survive long, especially without its mother to feed it, but I didn't want to leave it vulnerable outside for one of the neighborhood cats to play with. For those wondering, we haven't touched the bird at all with our hands. You can't be too careful with West Nile Virus being spread through birds and whatnot. It makes me feel really good that Matt would expend that much effort for a little animal that we probably can't help too much anyway.

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Bitter said...

Awwww! What a great guy!

When you find a bird like that, get dry cat food and soak it in water until it is mushy as hell. Then, feed the bird constantly. The hardest thing about keeping birds like this alive is the feeding schedule - most people have to go to work and such and can't feed it as often as it needs. You can also call the DEC or a local vet and ask for the number of a local rehabilitator. They'll take care of it for you.

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