Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Christ In A Canoe

In between wedding dress sewing and painting my parent's family room and entry way, Matt and I had time to marvel at the torrential storms that moved through the Western New York and Rochester area this weekend. In the 27 years my parents have lived at their house, I've never seen water come through the basement windows before. You could see a rain water mark 3 inches up on the glass pane the next day. The best part was our determined outing to one of the local bars near the Genesee River. Heidi, Ryan, Matt and me had to find detours around a flooded St. Paul Blvd. and flooded sides streets in order to find safe haven at The Summerville Grill. Heidi posted a picture of me at the bar on her blog. Mind you, I was exhausted at this point in the evening.

Matt and I found out after we came back to Chautauqua County yesterday that several roadways had been covered with water. Chautauqua Lake near Bemus Point is still at flood stage along with the Chadakoin River in the village of Falconer. More rain is expected this afternoon, which will only exacerbate the problem.

Weekend Storm News from Around WNY & Beyond:

From WJTN-1240 AM:
Recent rains and high waters lead Sheriff's Department to issue boat advisory
High water levels on Chautauqua Lake for the next several days has caused to sheriff's department to release a warning to boaters. The sheriff's marine patrol is asking any boat owners to make frequent checks on their vessels if they are currently docked on the lake. Those who have boats on a lift are advised to remove the boat if the lift is as high as it will go. The patrol also suggests more slack is given to the boats that are tied so the boat can still float if water levels go up. The weather forcast is for more precipitation over the next few days and prompt attention to these matters is requested. A flood warning remains in effect for Chautauqua Lake for today, and Jones and Gifford Avenue near the Chadakoin River may also see some flooding.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle-5/25/04
WOKR-Channel 13 5/24/04
Time Warner Cable-R News
Buffalo News-5/24/04
WNBC: Binghamton Story on Tornado


Ryan said...

Pretty incredible weather we had this weekend. And the post-Grill excursion to the riverfor storm-watching was keen too!

battlemaiden said...

While the storm was truly an amazing experience, I was slightly more entertained by Julia's backseat driving abilities. Astonishing!

Julia said...

*hides head*

(Car sloshes down St. Paul Blvd.)
Julia: Ooh! Stay on your side of the road!
(Car slows down)
Heidi: Julia! Get Out!

battlemaiden said...

(more sloshing)
Julia: Don't forget to stop!
(eye rolling)
Heidi: Will you shut up?! Geezus!

Ryan said...

I'll testify that the above is an exact transcript of the events near the submerged St. Paul/Washington intersection!

*sirens* Dive dive! Take her down to 200 feet! Right full rudder, 20 degrees down angle on the bow planes!

battlemaiden said...

Going in an almost completley unrelated direction...
Julia, is it cool if I post the photo I took of you at the bar that night?

Julia said...

Sure.. go ahead and let me know so I can post a reciprocal link.

battlemaiden said...

Photo posted. Heh!

Wendolene said...

Woo, Falconer! Woo!

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