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Mayor of Simpleton

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE "The Mayor of Simpleton" by XTC. One of the DJs at WBER had a habit of playing this song during his air shift every week. That just happened to coincide with the time I would be driving myself to my violin lesson on the other side of town. The pop-chords would follow me as I winded through the back roads of Irondequoit, singing along.

I later found a cassette of Oranges & Lemons at the old Monroe Avenue location for Lakeshore Record Exchange. That tape got nearly worn out. It finally died after a passenger in my car put my box of cassette tapes in the back window, where they baked unnoticed in the summer sun. A sad ending for so many good mix tapes and regularly recorded tapes.

In A World Without Water

I'm back at work, again, today. I made it through Monday and then ended back on the couch for two more days under Matt and my boss' orders. I blame the arid-conditions of my work office for this. So I'm back with a vengeance today with my humidifier on high next to me and a couple bottles of water at ready. I WILL make it through today and the rest of the week!

An International Incident (Blog Share)

What started off as a lovely weekend trip to Canada hit a speed bump before we even made it across the border.

I've taken at least half a dozen trips to Canada. Sometimes the border lines are short and quick, sometimes long and slow.

That particular day, that lovely fall day, we breezed down the highway that led to the border. Then the traffic stopped. About two miles from the border. At about the same moment my stomach cramped sharply. I had to go #2. Soon. I spent the next half hour or so shifting uncomfortably in the passenger seat next to my husband. The traffic crawled about half the distance to the checkpoint. The checkpoint was within view...But still so far. The traffic was several lanes wide. It became unbearable. "I don't think I can wait", I whimpered to my husband. He produced a plastic bag "Can you do something with this?" There are lots of things I could do with a plastic bag, but none of them seemed relevant to the situation. I furrowed my brow…

Blog Share Participants!

Blog Share!

I found out who will be posting anonymously on my blog tomorrow! I'm very excited. I must give kudos to -r- for putting this together even while battling bronchitis AND a sinus infection. I'll put up a post that lists the 37 participants if one becomes available either later today or tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll keep my Anonymous Blogger's post on top throughout the day!

Someone Will Be Taking Over This Blog Wednesday!

Now that the post title got your attention. I decided to give a project called Blog Share a try. It's being done by someone who is a friend of a friend. I have no idea who -r- is , but it doesn't really matter because I've gotten used to knowing weird, intimate details about people all over this world that I'll never meet just because I read their blogs.

So on Wednesday, there will be an anonymous post by someone on here. I ask you all to be nice and leave comments for him/her. I will be posting somewhere else that day. I don't know where yet and I ain't gonna tell either! That's part of the spirit of the project!

Viral Julia

I'm optimistic in saying that I'm at a turning point with this massive head cold that I've endured this week. I say this with some confidence since my doctor's office told me this morning that I was at the "climax" of the sickness and should start feeling better in three to five days. Wait. I've already had to deal with this for five days. Pauses. Damn.

Much to Matt's frustration, I'm a bad patient. I'll do the things I need to like taking meds, getting my fluids, trying to get adequate sleep, but I don't go down easy. It took about 3 people, including my boss, to convince me that it was a good idea that I stay home and rest nearly every day this week. While I was home, I fretted over the stuff that wasn't getting done like laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, or other various stuff. This is where Matt was a saint and took care of going to Wegmans and cleaning up the kitchen.

It's been hard doing nothing. Then again, I haven&…


My sinuses decided to declare war on me this weekend and started draining. I think some prolonged sleep overnight and generally taking it easy will fend off more serious illness, I still feel like someone punched me in the head a few times. Weirdly enough, hot tea does not seem to be helping with the pain in my throat. Tomato soup seems to have more soothing qualities, so I'm on my second "soup at hand" today. I should add that ibuprofen is helping marginally as well.

This is where I also let Galoot know that when he called me tonight, I was napping and having some sort of dream about Star Wars (prequel variety) and was thoroughly confused the whole time I was talking to him. My head was fuzzy enough that I was still trying to figure out how I managed to be sitting up and talking into my cell when he started talking about balls and crowns and dead things. I jest. Kinda.

Here's hoping I get scripts kind of early tonight so I can retire to my bed again.

Hockey In Jamestown Iced

The season for the Jamestown Vikings has been cut short. The Mid-Atlantic Hockey League had the following announcement on their site as of today:
2007-08 season will end early with Indiana Ice Miners declared League Champion
(Canton, Ohio). Mid-Atlantic Hockey League President Andrew Haines today announced that the 2007-08 season will be come to an end immediately in order to allow all member teams to re-organize for the 2008-09 season.

As a result of this announcement, the Indiana Ice Miners have been declared MAHL League Champion based on their amazing record setting regular season record of 31-1-0 and their consecutive victories record of twenty-six.

“As the majority owner of the MAHL, after consulting with the other team owners, coaches, and general managers, a difficult decision was made that it was necessary to re-organize the league and start working towards next season,” said MAHL President Andrew Haines. “We apologize to our fans and corporate partners for any inconvenience caus…

Effectiveness of a New York State Program

Newspapers across the state are carrying stories today about Attorney General Tom DiNapoli's report on the effectiveness of the Empire Zone program.

Here's the full report.

My opinion? A pretty good program got fucked up. Some of the empire zones in the state fucked it up by abusing it. Some businesses made it worse by finding every loophole they could and exploiting it. We won't get into what the state did with it. Meanwhile, the empire zones that have tried to live by the law and run the program as it was intended suffer.

Just feeling bitter today.

New Spaces

Even though our home and property isn't blessed with a lot of yard space, we have almost an overabundance of interior living space. Because of this, it was rather easy to just shove excess stuff into a small room off the living room. The room had been used as an office by the previous owners, and they had even left their old metal desk and a shelving unit they cobbled together using old desk-particle board materials.

On and off, I've said I would like to use this smaller space for my own office. Matt has overwhelmingly claimed the upstairs office for all his online RPG pursuits. I find it rather hard to keep track of stuff up there even though we do have a couple filing cabinets in the closet. Last week, I got the promise from Matt to carry items out of the office and put them in the attic for storage or the basement, where they will be eventually shipped outside for that elusive garage sale.

So it began on Friday night. Here is a before picture I took while sitting on the…

I Know These Guys

I love today's Zits cartoon because I had friends like that in high school, and today, that would sit around and make snarky comments. I love that Pierce (guy in last frame) totally calls them on their shit.

The W(h)ine Press

Even though I have the best intentions of not living up to the expectations that I will turn into a raging hormone once a month or so, sometimes it's just necessary. Yesterday was a good reason because that little "friend" was the cause for some angst.

Since I'm in my early 30s, I figure it's good policy to try to take care of my health. Plus, I'd just feel guilty if I didn't with everything that Matt has done to get himself healthy over the past 9 months. Add to that the fact that we actually have reasonably priced health insurance, and I'm left with no excuse. So last month, I scheduled my annual physical which was to happen yesterday.

I don't know any woman who actually enjoys this physical. You have to completely disrobe and put on something the size of a pillow case to give your doctor better access to feeling you up. Okay, I exaggerate. There's no "Hand That Rocks The Cradle" crap that happens, but that scene scarred me en…

Baked Apples with Vanilla Yogurt

I have the luxury of being able to go home on lunch because I live so close to where I work. Today, I was trying to figure out what I could eat that would add some fiber to my diet since I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Yes, I know it's a little late to be trying to eat healthy but at least I try.

As I looked through my refrigerator, I started getting depressed about having to eat all "cold" foods for lunch. It's cold outside, and I really didn't feel like yogurt, a cheese stick, and a banana. Plus, there was the fiber issue. Then, as I remembered that we had some apples I had my "ah ha!" moment.

What ensued next could only be described as Julia channeling the food gods, or her mother. Here's the recipe:

1 - medium sized apple
1 - 1-serving size container of Wegman's Probiotic Vanilla Super Yogurt

Slice the apple and place in microwavable bowl. Sprinkle with cinnamon and place several thin pats of butter on top. Cov…

American Rhapsody

My paczki run yesterday morning involved a bit of rain and travels through what qualifies as "rush hour" in this city. As my wipers clicked back and forth on my windshield, a familiar clarinet glissando brayed across my speakers into a smart rendering of Rhapsody In Blue by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. At the part recognized by most as the United Airlines commercial, I turned onto South Main Street and could see all of downtown Jamestown before me. A crane rose high above the city to the left where the latest new structure was being built. Cars hastily splashed by me filled with people making their way into the city center. The music demanded progress and the city responded with movement.

VIP Chautauqua: Tara Eastman and Artist Share

Tara recently received some much deserved recognition for her efforts in putting together the Artist Share events that I've participated in here and there over the past six months. James Reed, the news producer and weather guy for Cable 8 News, featured Tara in two segments of his "VIP Chautauqua" package that airs on Thursdays on Time Warner Channel 8 here in Jamestown.

Give it a watch and see what you've been missing. Plus, this video represents my Internet debut in terms of that crazy violin thing I do from time to time.

It's Time For Paczkis!

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I decided to send the floor I work on into a sugar coma this morning. Ecklof's Bakery, a local Swedish bakery, is one of the largest local producers of paczki this time of year.

Here is Amanda, another Polish co-worker, trying to decide which paczki she will devour. The bakery was already low on black raspberry, so I got 4 black raspberry, 4 red raspberry, and 4 custard.

Back at my desk, I made a mess of a black raspberry, sugar-coated concoction along with some hot tea I brought in to stave off a post-doughnut crash.