Friday, February 29, 2008

Mayor of Simpleton

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE "The Mayor of Simpleton" by XTC. One of the DJs at WBER had a habit of playing this song during his air shift every week. That just happened to coincide with the time I would be driving myself to my violin lesson on the other side of town. The pop-chords would follow me as I winded through the back roads of Irondequoit, singing along.

I later found a cassette of Oranges & Lemons at the old Monroe Avenue location for Lakeshore Record Exchange. That tape got nearly worn out. It finally died after a passenger in my car put my box of cassette tapes in the back window, where they baked unnoticed in the summer sun. A sad ending for so many good mix tapes and regularly recorded tapes.


Simon said...

Wow, haven't heard "Mayor of Simpleton" in years. Was always a fan of XTC, and especially liked "Easter Theatre".

NickDean said...

Lakeshore Record Exchange!

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