Wednesday, February 06, 2008

American Rhapsody

My paczki run yesterday morning involved a bit of rain and travels through what qualifies as "rush hour" in this city. As my wipers clicked back and forth on my windshield, a familiar clarinet glissando brayed across my speakers into a smart rendering of Rhapsody In Blue by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. At the part recognized by most as the United Airlines commercial, I turned onto South Main Street and could see all of downtown Jamestown before me. A crane rose high above the city to the left where the latest new structure was being built. Cars hastily splashed by me filled with people making their way into the city center. The music demanded progress and the city responded with movement.

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Mr. Social said...

Glissando? Did you really just use the word glissando in a blog post? Glissando?!!! Isn't that the mayor of Buffalo? Or wait... I think it might be Lando Calrissian's drag queen alter ego. Look at the glossary in that head of yours! WAHOO!

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