Monday, February 18, 2008


My sinuses decided to declare war on me this weekend and started draining. I think some prolonged sleep overnight and generally taking it easy will fend off more serious illness, I still feel like someone punched me in the head a few times. Weirdly enough, hot tea does not seem to be helping with the pain in my throat. Tomato soup seems to have more soothing qualities, so I'm on my second "soup at hand" today. I should add that ibuprofen is helping marginally as well.

This is where I also let Galoot know that when he called me tonight, I was napping and having some sort of dream about Star Wars (prequel variety) and was thoroughly confused the whole time I was talking to him. My head was fuzzy enough that I was still trying to figure out how I managed to be sitting up and talking into my cell when he started talking about balls and crowns and dead things. I jest. Kinda.

Here's hoping I get scripts kind of early tonight so I can retire to my bed again.


Galoot said...

Not much happened in our conversation. I pitched the Dead of Winter Ball on behalf of the Youth Ballet. You also gave me some of your credit card numbers and told me where the spare key is hidden. No big!

PreppyGirl said...

Please consider the DOW Ball. Maybe we could sucker a few more folks into a table? It will be the "cool" table, of course.

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