Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Time For Paczkis!

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I decided to send the floor I work on into a sugar coma this morning. Ecklof's Bakery, a local Swedish bakery, is one of the largest local producers of paczki this time of year.

Here is Amanda, another Polish co-worker, trying to decide which paczki she will devour. The bakery was already low on black raspberry, so I got 4 black raspberry, 4 red raspberry, and 4 custard.

Back at my desk, I made a mess of a black raspberry, sugar-coated concoction along with some hot tea I brought in to stave off a post-doughnut crash.


Galoot said...

I was unaware of this food. Doughy, filled with fruity stuff. Right on!

Amanda Bleck said...

Julia!!!!!! If you had to do that....you could have at least added that it was my birthday!

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