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Survived Week One

I started my new job this past week. Most people who know me know that when approached with something new, or challenging, my general M.O. is to freak out while getting through it generally fine.

Recognizing that I have a tendency to become dramatic, I decided to try to simmer the best I could. I told myself,

"Self? There's a lot of new stuff that will be thrown at you and a lot you're going to be expected to do right off. Just write down as much as you can. Breathe. Prioritize that which you know needs to get done NOW. Breathe. Be positive."

The new job also comes with an earlier start time, so I made sure to drag along with my travel mug full of hot tea to supplement my usual caffeine intake. On Thursday, I stuck a Bergamot Naturopatch on me to help with stress. It really seemed to work. I was definitely more smiley and calm.

I'll have to adjust some of my life to fit with the job for awhile. There are more evening hours, which I earn comp and then overtime fo…

Music of The Smiths/Morrissey: The Playlist

Back on Valentine's Day, I dj-ed a Smiths/Morrissey night at Forte with DJ Fluvanna Beachcomber (Steve). It was a fun night. Even though it's not the kind of music that inclined people to dance, the bar did well. Steve was out of sorts because the woofer for the speaker had gotten wet and was unusable. It affected the sound a bit, but it didn't bother me too much.

We got in most of the few requests we got aside from "How Soon Is Now." We had planned to play that later in the evening, but the bar was fairly empty by the time "later" rolled around. My answer to one guy's request to "play something we can dance to" was to play "Sheila Take A Bow" followed by Electronic. The latter got a huge response from people who hadn't heard the song in awhile.

This was our playlist that I anally kept track of all night long:

Start Time-10:30ish with Steve picking first track. Rest is my set. Moz=Morrissey:

Smiths - Golden Lights
Moz - Nov…

Grandma Spoils One of Her Grandpuppies

My mom spoiling one of our dogs by allowing him up on the couch.

A Short Timer

My soon to be former co workers got me a good bye cake. I'm getting sniffly. At least I'll still get to see them occasionally in my new job.

Blog Share Post

Below is the anonymous post I was sent to post for the February 2009 edition of Blog Share. Please enjoy and leave comments! We'll be back to our un-regular blog programming on Thursday:

You know those people who have their family trees traced back to the 200s and can tell you who they're related to on their father's side 12 generations back?

I'm jealous of them.

I have no idea where I came from. No one has been able to trace my family back to a foreign country at all. It's like we sprung from the earth in New York 400 years ago. When people ask me what nationality I am, I say "American". That's all I know. Sure, I've been told stories that maybe we're related to Napoleon on one side, and that the other side is Irish instead of Scottish. But I have no proof. I took an Asian-Americans class in college and we had to share a story about one of our immigrant relatives. I made mine up.

And I feel like I'm to blame. My mom died while I was…

Savory Success

This is the final result of the beef stew I made today. I used a Wegmans recipe that was featured in the latest issue of Menu magazine, and also the featured dish in stores this week. Unfortunately, the website seems to be down so I can't give you the link (UPDATE: recipe here). The modifications I made were to follow the slow-cooker version of the recipe, and I eliminated the use of rosemary and mushrooms since I don't like either.

To supplement the stew, I picked up a loaf of roasted garlic bread from Tops (shhhh). It was a dense bread that had a crispy crust and soft center. Very tasty. Now we have plenty of leftovers to carry us through the week until Thursday, when I make my slow-cooker chili recipe. And no, I don't know who this girl is who apparently CAN cook when she feels like it.

Cutting In

Matt has begun cutting in the paint for our dining room. Since we're painting it a Behr's "Classic Cherry", Matt put up a gray primer so that we wouldn't have to do 3 coats of paint. Hopefully.

Our goal is to get the dining room done this week. This includes painting, me sanding/spray painting the two wall sconces, moving furniture back into place, and hanging some items. The reason for the push is that my mom, my Aunt Carol, and my mom's friend Susan arrive Friday for a Ladies Weekend in Jamestown. If the dining room doesn't get done, eating meals will be difficult.

Blog Share: February 2009 Edition


My first attempt at making stew. I'm using a Wegmans recipe.

Seared Tuna

What's left of my sesame seared tuna. So good! Matt had veal that looked tasty too.This message was sent using the Picture and Video Messaging service from Verizon Wireless!To learn how you can snap pictures and capture videos with your wireless phone visit To play video messages sent to email, QuickTime� 6.5 or higher is required.

Valentine's Dinner

Matt at Forte with me for Valentine's dinner.

Continental Airlines Flight 3407 Crash In Buffalo

When I turned on my monitor this morning and saw I had 113 Tweets to read, my first thought was "WTF was everyone up to last night that I have that many tweets??"

Then I started reading. Since they're stacked newest to oldest, I got the picture very quickly that a plane crash in Buffalo had killed 50 people (Number corrected).

My first thought was of our friend Clair, who is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. As I scrolled, I saw that it wasn't her airline. My next thought was, "Did Jen14221 make it back from Philadelphia? Who did she say she flew with??" until I saw she had tweeted earlier in the evening that she was home with her family. Then I started wondering if Buffalo Blogger BuffaloPundit was affected given that the crash happened in Clarence (His Account.

I don't recall a commercial airline crash of this magnitude ever happening in Western New York (Scroll down for last instance in 1942). It's the kind of story that, even if it hap…

A Brighter Sound

While there is still a sad amount of snow on the ground at our house, downtown Jamestown is clearer. Between snow removal efforts and warm weather, today had the sounds of a murky Spring day. The kind of weather you grumble about because you're dodging rain drops, but inside you're glad that it's not snow.

Tires hum against bare pavement. Doors clang shut and shoes slap against the sidewalk. There's no sun to be seen but it sounds brighter outside. The deadening effects of snow are temporarily gone.

New Job!

Friday, I was offered and accepted a new job. This was a great relief to me since I was facing elimination due to lack of funding in my current position. Plus, it's a job I think I can have fun in and will be a great deal more stable than anything I've done in recent history. Getting any job in our current economic climate is a blessing, so that makes me even more grateful.

Another benefit is that while I won't be working in the same office space, I'll be working within the same organization as many of my current cohorts in crime. I probably will even be attending some of the same community meetings I go to now for my job. Funny how things work.

The new job starts February 23rd. My online life might be a mite quieter than as of late. I've been told that work has been piling up on my future desk since there hasn't been a person officially in that job since the beginning of the year. Either way, I'm looking forward to the challenges I know I will encoun…

Music of The Smiths & Morrissey at Forte

Come to Forte around 10pm on Valentine's Day to hear Steve and me spin music by The Smiths and Morrissey for as long as they can stand it, or until close (2am). Requests will be taken. No Cover.

R.I.P. - Lukas Foss

I learned this morning that Composer and Conductor Lukas Foss has died. Buffalo News Columnist Mary Kunz Goldman wrote a reflection on his life today.

My mom's memories of Lukas Foss come from being in the audience for several Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concerts when Foss led the ensemble.

Mine are even more experiential. While I was still a music education major at Baldwin-Wallace College, Lukas Foss was a guest at the college for its FOCUS Festival. I played violin in the orchestra concert that featured one of the pieces composed by him. What an incredible experience. If you had questions about how a certain passage was to be interpreted, you just asked the slight, white-haired man standing on the podium in front of you what he wanted when he wrote the composition.

Modern art and contemporary classical music (there's an oxymoron) are challenging for me. Dissonance in sound and on canvas don't mesh well with what I personally consider aesthetically pleasing. Still…

Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Consensus based on reaction by the friends I watched the Super Bowl with is that this was the best ad last night:

The rest of the time, the group invariably yelled "Flag" after nearly every play. Our friend, Dave, offered several times,

"I'm telling you. Someone from the Cardinals forgot to pay off someone. It's a forgone conclusion that Pittsburgh will win. They'll let Arizona have a moment near the end where they THINK they have a chance, but there will be too much time on the clock and Pittsburgh will still win."

And so he was right. It felt like the longest football game I've ever watched in my life and then it seemed to end very abruptly. Oddness.