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Survived Week One

I started my new job this past week. Most people who know me know that when approached with something new, or challenging, my general M.O. is to freak out while getting through it generally fine.

Recognizing that I have a tendency to become dramatic, I decided to try to simmer the best I could. I told myself,

"Self? There's a lot of new stuff that will be thrown at you and a lot you're going to be expected to do right off. Just write down as much as you can. Breathe. Prioritize that which you know needs to get done NOW. Breathe. Be positive."

The new job also comes with an earlier start time, so I made sure to drag along with my travel mug full of hot tea to supplement my usual caffeine intake. On Thursday, I stuck a Bergamot Naturopatch on me to help with stress. It really seemed to work. I was definitely more smiley and calm.

I'll have to adjust some of my life to fit with the job for awhile. There are more evening hours, which I earn comp and then overtime for, than I've had to deal with in awhile. I did begin to enjoy certain bits of it by the end of the week. A huge saving grace is that the person who had the job before she retired at the end of the year is acting as a consultant for me to let me know what my job duties are, help with pending events and other items. Since no one else apparently knows very much about my job, this is beyond awesome.

My current balancing act is getting a bit trickier, but I still plan to keep doing the news, blogging, and playing with the few orchestral ensembles I'm committed to until the end of May.

If you're wondering what my new job entails, I'm going to steal what Labyrinth Press Company Owner Jeff James said about my job and say I'm in charge of Fun for the City.


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