Monday, February 16, 2009

Savory Success

This is the final result of the beef stew I made today. I used a Wegmans recipe that was featured in the latest issue of Menu magazine, and also the featured dish in stores this week. Unfortunately, the website seems to be down so I can't give you the link (UPDATE: recipe here). The modifications I made were to follow the slow-cooker version of the recipe, and I eliminated the use of rosemary and mushrooms since I don't like either.

To supplement the stew, I picked up a loaf of roasted garlic bread from Tops (shhhh). It was a dense bread that had a crispy crust and soft center. Very tasty. Now we have plenty of leftovers to carry us through the week until Thursday, when I make my slow-cooker chili recipe. And no, I don't know who this girl is who apparently CAN cook when she feels like it.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I made that same recipe Monday for dinner too! Picked up the recipe at Wegs when I went grocery shopping that morning! And guess what I'm making for dinner tonight?!?! CHILI!! Freaky!!


NGS said...

You don't like rosemary? I...don't really know what to do about that!!

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