Monday, February 02, 2009

Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Consensus based on reaction by the friends I watched the Super Bowl with is that this was the best ad last night:

The rest of the time, the group invariably yelled "Flag" after nearly every play. Our friend, Dave, offered several times,

"I'm telling you. Someone from the Cardinals forgot to pay off someone. It's a forgone conclusion that Pittsburgh will win. They'll let Arizona have a moment near the end where they THINK they have a chance, but there will be too much time on the clock and Pittsburgh will still win."

And so he was right. It felt like the longest football game I've ever watched in my life and then it seemed to end very abruptly. Oddness.


Galoot said...

I'm going with the E Trade baby, where his little buddy starts singing "Take, these broken wings..."

Kevin_H said...

I liked this one the best, too. Although it could've been edited a helluva lot better. It's way too repetitive. But, seeing a kola get bunched in the face makes up for it. What's the deal with advertisers this year waiting till the last second to say what they're product is? Not just this one, but a lot them.

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