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Miley Wants You to See Her Again

The whole Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus phenomena is on the peripheral of my consciousness most days, but I couldn't escape her latest song that's being played on our local pop station. It's pretty damn catchy so I went looking for the video and found this (see below). Can someone confirm that the blond is Miley? Just wondering because she gets horizontal with the slightly cute but greasy-haired boy at the end of the vid.

Oh yeah. And this goes out to PreppyGirl because I know her daughter is a Hannah Montana fan and I'm willing to take bets that she sings along to this one as well in the car.

Weeping Over Sad Puppehs & Kittehs

I wasn't much of an animal person until we got Buddy, our adorable black lab. In fact, I loved him so much that I was compelled to adopt Zak, lest he have no family to call his own after his original family moved to a Central American country.

Unfortunately, this leads to many pile-of-mush moments when I see cute dogs, cats, otters, or other Awwwww!-worthy creatures. It also means that I dissolve into a mess of tears whenever this commercial comes on tv:

Inevitably, I go wailing after my puppies and try to give them big hugs while they bewilderedly try to get away from their crazy mommy.

Just Swell

I forgot about a notso awful side effect of adding artificial hormones to my body.

(Looks Down)

Matt isn't complaining either.

Maybe I should buy more v-neck shirts.

Watching The Sun Set on Chautauqua Lake

Hanging out in Lakewood's park on Chautauqua Lake. I won't promise there won't be smooching.

Misty Mists Are Now Called Artic Freezes

Date night. The high school edition. Part three- Dairy Queen.

Matt Easily Beats Julia at Miniature Golf

Date night part two- mini golf

Onions & Hot Sauce Don't Make For Good Kissing Breath

High school date night part one- Johnny's Lunch.

Kickin' It Old Skool for Date Night

If the weather holds, "date night" will include Johnny's Lunch, miniature golf and ice cream tonight. I haven't relived this quintessential high school kind of date since, well, high school. All that will be missing is the awkward fumbling in the front seat of a car afterwards. Ahhh, the benefits of being married and owning a house.

Seven Year Itch

I would like to wish my blog a Happy 7th Birthday today!

After giving it some thought, I realized that if my blog were an actual child, she would probably just be finishing First Grade. That would mean that my blog would be able to read and do basic arithmetic.

My blog, based on personal experience, also would be able to ride a bike without training wheels and walk to school by herself.

I would like to thank my "big sisters" in the blogsphere, Jenny and Meg, for uploading interesting content in a visually appealing manner consistently enough that it inspired me to start this site.

Day One

Matt would like me to let all of you know that my hormones are officially out of whack and that I'm a lot of fun to deal with right now.

(smiles sweetly)

Menacing Clouds of Rain, Hail, & Thunder

Watching the storm move in from city hall. This one has flash flood warnings attached to it.

The Pill - A TMI Post

I've shared my opinion about the Pill and other forms of birth control back in April.

Women? How many of you have a regular cycle without any assistance of medicine or operations? Just wondering.

I got sick of irregularity. It's one thing if you never have your period. Which wasn't so bad as a teenager and then in some later years. It's another thing if it never goes away. Which is no fun when you're married and want to spend time with your husband.

With that in mind, I grit my teeth this afternoon and placed the call to my doctor to ask for a prescription. We talked briefly on the phone to clarify some points before she placed the order to my pharmacy of choice.

The next three months should be fun as my body gets used to new hormones. Apologies in advance for any weird hormonal outbursts.

Mass Conspiracy

I innocently flip channels and come upon Nine Months starring Hugh Grant and very pregnant Julianne Moore.

I switch the channel and My Cousin Vinny is on and it's the scene with Marisa Tomei wearing a bodysuit, stomping her foot, yelling "And my biological clock is ticking LIKE THIS."

Mass conspiracy, I tell ya'.

I Should, I Wish, I Love

I was tagged by Mr. Nighttime, which sounds a lot dirtier than it really is.

In turn, I'll be tagging Galoot, Makkaio, Mr. Social, Jessye, and Battlemaiden.

My ex... is someone I still talk to. That goes for most of them.

Maybe I should... not procrastinate. I'll get back to you on that.

I love... my husband, family and friends. Blah Blah Blah. Know what? I really love a good cuppa tea.

People would say... I'm a bit of a nerd. That comes from all the blogging, twittering, social networks, and news watching I engage in daily.

I don't understand... narrow views of life, people, and the world around us.

When I wake up in the morning... I best operate if I immediately take a shower and then get a cuppa tea or coffee in me. I'm of little to no use otherwise.

I lost... my sense of passion for some things in life. I've been slowly working on trying to regain that for more than a couple months. It's going very slow.

Life is full of... painfully, happy moments that …

Saturday Night Is All Right

We went to forte for the surprise party Saturday night. It was a mellow crowd, but we still had a good time grooving to some of the old stuff that Monica Lynch was spinning.

Matt Tick Tacks

Matt tries out his skateboard for the first time in almost nine years.

Slick Streets

National Go Skateboard Day in downtown Jamestown.

Solstice Party at My Parent's House

Matt gives our dogs and Charlie a treat. Charlie was visiting with his owner, Mark, at the Solstice Party my parents held Friday night.

Summer on the Lake

My mom and me, Lake Ontario, and a stunning first day of Summer.

Lunch on Lake Ontario

Matt and my mom at cast aways on lake ontario for lunch.This message was sent using the Picture and Video Messaging service from Verizon Wireless!To learn how you can snap pictures and capture videos with your wireless phone visit play video messages sent to email, QuickTime� 6.5 or higher is required. Visit to download the free player or upgrade your existing QuickTime� Player. Note: During the download process when asked to choose an installation type (Minimum, Recommended or Custom), select Minimum for faster download.

My Biological Alarm Clock Needs a Better Snooze Button

For these past couple months, there have been these subtle nudges by my hormones that have threatened to totally upend my sense of balance and happiness with life.

I thought that my mere will and desire to remain child-free could outwit biology. Unfortunately, my body has other ideas and has begun a kind of mental and physical warfare to try to break me down and succumb to evolution.

It started innocently enough when pictures of babies started to make me smile. Then, I began to get a strong urge to pick up my friend's babies and hold them for a little bit. I thought, "No big deal. Babies are cute. Even cuter when you can hand them back to their mom and dad."

I did my own version of a support group by reading child-free blogs and related stories. I'd toast myself for being able to spontaneously meet up for a drink and intelligent conversation at my favorite bar for a drink with friends, something I know would be almost impossible with a child.

Still, I found the to…

Townhouse Records Is Open in Jamestown

Townhouse Records is also now open!

Have You Seen Jamestown's Newest Bookstore?

The People's Bookstore is now open in Jamestown (East Fourth Street above Labyrinth Press Company).

Help Firefox Set A World Record

The folks at Mozilla are trying to set a World Record tomorrow for most software downloads in 24 hours.

Kinda silly, but seeing as how Firefox as been my preferred browser of choice since at least 2005 you know I'll be joining in the fun.

Addendum: Hmmm. It's 7:35am EST on June 17th and the main download page for Firefox is still showing only the old version to download. Maybe it goes live at noon? Here's a news article to amuse yourself with in the meanwhile.

9:15 A.M - Get Your Firefox 3 Download Here!
9:16 A.M. - Okay... that seems buggy, as in it won't open for me. Will try later.

9:19 A.M. - Here's the deal. Firefox 3 isn't live until 10 AM PDT. Which means sometime this afternoon here on the East Coast (1pm? I forget how daylight savings time affects everything). For more information, go here. Apparently, you can't direct link or ftp the download in order to qualify for the World Record.

5:03 P.M. - Have cleared my cache, refreshed the page, tried d…

The Aftermath of Clark's Book

I've been meeting up with a few people for a casual book-club over the book Go by John Clellon Holmes over the past month. This past Tuesday, I suggested that we probably have a Paul Hobbes kind of character in our midst, singling out a guy I frequently see around town who is constantly writing. The discussion led to this silly kind of end story below:

Title: The Aftermath of Clark's Book

A few months later, Clark's book came out and became a dizzying success. At one point, some Hollywood types were throwing around the names of Kim Kardashian and Denise Richards as possibilities to portray make-out girl. The success surprised not just Clark, but everyone else in Smythport. Apparently, all those hours Clark seemed to isolate himself writing over his beer were really him recording his account of the humanity that weaved in and out of Coda every night. And even though he had changed names and places, it dawned on people where they stood in his fictional world. That creat…

Reflections on a Gift of a Watermelon Pickle

While taking our afternoon constitution around and around the third floor of our building, a co-worker and I started talking about some baking plans. We talked about pies and making itty-bitty one-bite versions. And then we talked about making jam.

I loved freezer jam as a kid. My mom and I would go out to Phillips Road in Webster and spend a morning at a U-Pick gathering basket upon basket of warm strawberries. I would proudly hold up large berries I found that were almost obscene with how deep red and luscious they looked.

Later in the day, we would begin the cleaning process. I would be set at the kitchen table with a paring knife, wooden cutting board, and two bowls. One would hold the washed strawberries, the other the strawberries after I quartered them. Every so often my mom would check in and admonish me to cut especially large berries into smaller pieces before pouring cupfuls of white sugar onto the growing pile of cut-up redness.

My next job was to decimate the berrie…

Little Brother

Very quick post before work.

Track down Little Brother by Cory Doctorow (

Cory put it up free here.

I read it last night, all in one night. I can't remember the last time a book grabbed me that hard that I stayed up late in order to finish. It's excellent, scary, and a very interesting piece of literature. HUGE hat-tip to this post by Wil Wheaton for ultimately convincing me to give the book a look. If you blogged about this book, please leave me a comment because I know I saw the link to the free pdf of it somewhere and I'd like to hug you.

Addendum: The hugs go to Luis. You rock!

New York State Backs New Kind of Coal Power

(Image Courtesy of Governor Paterson's website)

Fresh from Governor Paterson's press conference in Jamestown this morning comes this story:

State Plans New Kind of Coal Plant

Of course, Walter Simpson has an opinion and is quoted here. But I find it hard to take a hypocrite's opinion too seriously.

Nick Dean from the Jamestown Post-Journal posted this video from the press conference:

Addendum: I added a round-up of news and blog posts below and will probably update this for the next few days.

News Round-Up:
Gov. Paterson's Press Release
Praxair Press Release

6/11/08 Articles
Tonawanda News: ERIE COUNTY NOTEBOOK: Clean coal on the move, but not in Tonawanda
Jamestown Post-Journal: State Backing
Jamestown Post-Journal: State, Local Officials Respond To Announcement
Buffalo News: ‘Clean coal’ plant for Jamestown boosted
WIVB: Major supporter for Jamestown coal power plant
WBFO: Governor Supports Plans for Jamestown Power Plant

6/10/08 Articles
Governor supports BPU clean coal project wit…


I find I have to explain what Twitter is to a lot of people. I guess the obsession with blogging and texting hasn't quite reached a critical mass in this area yet. Anyway, I found this nifty little explanation:

When it comes to practical application, here's a site that gives librarians some ideas for how to use Twitter.

But this video fits in quite naturally with how I feel about twittering, although I still insist on doing it (warning - language):

BPU's Clean Coal Power Project & Environmentalists' Motives

Congratulations Jade & Dave!

Our friends, Jade & Dave, are getting married today at the Hall of Philosophy at Chautauqua Institution. I have the honor of providing some music for the ceremony. I also get to watch my wedding veil make a reappearance since the one Jade had intended to borrow from her future sister-in-law was accidentally melted when the lender tried to iron out the wrinkles.

These two are a fun couple and I wish them all the happiness for the years to come.

Voice Your Support For Gay Marriage

Found this via this page:
Gov. David Paterson told state agencies on May 14 that New York must recognize same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts, Canada and other places where they are legal. The directive should provide gay couples with as many as 1,300 rights afforded to married heterosexuals, including the ability to collect health and pension benefits, being admitted as “close family” in a hospital room and transferring a business license.

On June 3rd, a Christian legal organization says it has sued to stop New York from recognizing same-sex marriages legally performed in other states. The Alliance Defense Fund says it filed its lawsuit Tuesday in a court in the Bronx. Several Republican state senators are named as party to the suit. The Arizona-based legal group filing the lawsuit has intervened elsewhere in gay marriage and religious freedom cases.

Governor Patterson is doing a poll on whether people support his decision. Take 5 seconds to lodge your support, just call 1…

A Night of Ease

This pose to my left is generally how you will find me any given night around 9:30-10:30 p.m. as I wait for news scripts.

I'll have the iPod scrobbling for, the headphones on to listen to my library in shuffle mode, and whatever random articles I might need on hand for a blog post. That spiral you see on the desk is open to the entry I copied for yesterday's post.

Tonight is rare in that I got everything buttoned up by 8:30pm. So Matt and I ran to WRFA to quickly get everything done so we could get a drink downstairs with a side of political banter with a friend. I love these relaxed kind of nights.

Adolescent Dreams

Around age 14, I decided I wanted to distance myself from my classmates in every way possible, so I started creating in my mind the idealized life for the adult version of me.

While girls I knew were watching Beverly Hills 90210 and hanging posters of New Kids On The Block on their bedroom walls, I took to plastering my bedroom walls with reproductions of paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, and other assorted French Impressionists. I threw myself into practicing violin. While I started to listen to more classical music, I also started to reach out to more non-pop music renderings. It was during this time that I saw this video:

I thought, "That's what I want to be like! That woman is so cool! I want to hang out where that video takes place!" Being a dedicated journal-writer, I then put this to paper,
"In my dreams I would live in a Cape Cod house by a large lake or ocean. The town and city I live in would be small, not busy. I would paint, play violin, write poe…

Summer in the City

It may hit 90-degrees this Friday, although mid-80s is a better bet right now. Here's my list of things I like about warmer (or hotter) weather:
It's finally not too cold for ice cream/gelato/sorbet (she says as she eats another spoonful of pink grapefruit sorbet)Air that's heavily scented with flowers, charcoal grills, and fresh cut grassWearing sandals with everything and not wearing nylonsCucumber water on especially hot, sticky daysGetting dinner from the Mediterranean Bar at Wegmans (dolmas, hummus, baba ghanough)Mojitos on the floating bar by the Village Casino or wine on the front porch of the Lenhart Hotel in Bemus Point
Lots of awesomely bad pop tunes that were written with summer in mindSmokers and non-smokers hanging out in front of ForteFather's Day at my aunt & uncle's campsite in Holland (bucket margaritas, swimming in a pool that overlooks a forested valley, and jello salad)Any party that involves jello/marshmallow salad
What do you like best about…

World's Fastest Violinist

From Violinist News:
German-born David Garrett set a world record on UK children's TV program Blue Peter on Wednesday by playing Flight of the Bumble Bee in 66 seconds. Modestly, he said that the secret was slow practice for over 20 years.

The "Bumblebee" part is 5 minutes, 40 seconds in:

My favorite bit is when he gets one of the show presenters to play part of Madonna's latest single on the violin. Too much fun.