Monday, June 02, 2008

Summer in the City

It may hit 90-degrees this Friday, although mid-80s is a better bet right now. Here's my list of things I like about warmer (or hotter) weather:
  1. It's finally not too cold for ice cream/gelato/sorbet (she says as she eats another spoonful of pink grapefruit sorbet)
  2. Air that's heavily scented with flowers, charcoal grills, and fresh cut grass
  3. Wearing sandals with everything and not wearing nylons
  4. Cucumber water on especially hot, sticky days
  5. Getting dinner from the Mediterranean Bar at Wegmans (dolmas, hummus, baba ghanough)
  6. Mojitos on the floating bar by the Village Casino or wine on the front porch of the Lenhart Hotel in Bemus Point
  7. Lots of awesomely bad pop tunes that were written with summer in mind
  8. Smokers and non-smokers hanging out in front of Forte
  9. Father's Day at my aunt & uncle's campsite in Holland (bucket margaritas, swimming in a pool that overlooks a forested valley, and jello salad)
  10. Any party that involves jello/marshmallow salad
What do you like best about summer? Leave your list in comments.


Mr. Social said...

You are a food name-dropper. Did you know Sweden consumes the most ice cream or any country per capita year 'round. It doesn't get that hot there...

geelpete said...

I had to look up cucumber water.

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