Monday, June 30, 2008

Weeping Over Sad Puppehs & Kittehs

I wasn't much of an animal person until we got Buddy, our adorable black lab. In fact, I loved him so much that I was compelled to adopt Zak, lest he have no family to call his own after his original family moved to a Central American country.

Unfortunately, this leads to many pile-of-mush moments when I see cute dogs, cats, otters, or other Awwwww!-worthy creatures. It also means that I dissolve into a mess of tears whenever this commercial comes on tv:

Inevitably, I go wailing after my puppies and try to give them big hugs while they bewilderedly try to get away from their crazy mommy.

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oswego97 said...

My wife pretty much did the same thing when we saw that clip on TV. There is really part of me that thinks that is so unfair to do... to tug at the heartstrings like that....


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