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Speaking of Wedding Stuff...

Set of Rules for Next Three Months:

1. No one is allowed to ask me how wedding plans are going.
2. No one is allowed to ask me if I'm excited about the wedding.
3. No one is allowed to ask me where we're going on our honeymoon.
4. No one is allowed to have a conversation about marriage, weddings, or anything with me unless I initiate the conversation.

Why do I spoil your fun? I'm getting sick of the same people, and different ones, asking me every day how things are going. I'm not joking. Every day. And it's hard to act excited every time someone asks me a question about it. Matt and I have agreed that our standard answer is to make a "Ehnnn" kind of noise that would imply disinterest from here on out. Seriously. On a hypocritical note, I may be able to direct you to a website in the next month or so that will give all the lurid details of the upcoming joyeous event. If anything, it will be worth visiting just to see the picture that one person ha…

Attending Mass..

Matt, Heidi, and me may be filling some of our culture quota tomorrow night at the Eastman Theatre when the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra and Eastman-Rochester Chorus present Beethoven's Missa Solemnis. I haven't been to a classical music concert in a few years, so I'm looking forward to this if we can make it to Rochester from Jamestown in time. I suppose it's fitting that we "attend mass" the day before a microbrew crawl with my dad as part of an early birthday celebration for him.

Does This Mean L.A. Will Become An Island?

Researchers are saying the San Andreas fault is set to have earthquakes occur more frequently with more intense shaking. They predict the next earthquake to hit the desert will occur sometime before September 5th and will measure around a magnitude of 6.4 or greater on the Richter Scale. Read the article if you're skeptical. Scientists are getting more accurate with predictions.

And humourously enough, and that's how it's described on Internet Movie Database, 10.5 is about the "big one" that includes part of the continental U.S. breaking off into an island.

How Polish Are You?

To give you an idea of how funny I found this email forward, I found myself nodding and laughing as I agreed with 32 out of 60 on here. I assure you that that number would go up if it was my parent's answering yes or no.

Straight from a Polish Household
How Polish are you?

If you come from Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Hamtramck, or Milwaukee,
there is a large church called St. Stanislaus or St. Hedwig within one block of your childhood home (that is unless you're one of those suburban exiles, in which case the church is within one block of your Babcia's house).

The neighborhood you grew up in is called "Little Warsaw", "Slavic Village", "Polish Hill", or something of that sort.

You like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day but only because "the Irish are oppressed too!"

Your knowledge of Polish language is limited to 'naughty words' (e.g. dupa, gowno, gatki, etc.), names for food (e.g. pierogi, kapusta, etc.) and drinking toa…

Hello Cleveland!

I don't know if it was an idea born of too much alcohol, but somehow our little group of friends decided last night that a trip to Cleveland was in order before the end of summer. It's blog-worthy if only for the discussions that went on about how many rooms to get. Since there's five of us (two couples and one singleton), we debated everything from getting three rooms to just sharing a room. Much badness could occur. I say this because it would involve our friends that helped make the martini party we had last month a 27-hour event. Also, I would have a lot of fun if I had a chance to plan a small getaway (booking rooms, meal reservations, sightseeing possibilities, driving strategies, etc.). It's funny how a month and a couple weeks ago, Matt and I were wondering when we would ever be back in the Cleveland area with Heidi back in Rochester.

Continuing Lethargy

I hate that time of the month. This month has been different than other months. Normally, I get the whole bitchy/tired symptoms, but this month that's accompanied by big emotional swings and a general feeling like I want to crawl out of my skin. I've taken to wandering around the house with an old afghan constantly around my shoulders. Poor Matt has put up with me wonderfully. That includes comforting me as I cried in his arms after reading chick-lit-tear-jerker, P.S. I Love You. He also bought me chocolate when we went to Tops to pick up some draino for our clogged bath tub. Maybe our usual Thursday outing with friends will help pull me out of my funk.

*shakes finger* Bad PMS!

I thought I was coming down with the flu when I woke up yesterday. The symptoms of body aches, chest congestion, coughing, and general exhaustion pointed that way. Thankfully it was only PMS. Some months I wonder which would be worse. I do have to sigh and make a I'm-not-happy-with-your-behavior-now-go-sit-in-a-corner-and-think-about-what-you-did face at my PMS since some of my actions over the past week or so now make sense. I become more frank when that time of the month rolls around. I find myself saying things that are often the truth, but I decide I don't care how blunt the words are when they come out of my mouth. Here's to hoping my friends and family still like me!

One particular discussion where I was frank involved the guest list for the wedding. My mom and I don't really see eye-to-eye on this one. She wants to limit the list to 200 people, while I'm trying to explain that if we do that we'll have to cut out friends that we really want to ha…
You are water. You're not really organic; you're
neither acidic nor basic, yet you're an acid
and a base at the same time. You're strong
willed and opinionated, but relaxed and ready
to flow. So while you often seem worthless,
without you, everything would just not work.
People should definitely drink more of you
every day.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

What is the story?

A conversation with a friend got me thinking about my 8th grade English teacher, Mr. K. I decided there was a blog-worthy story in there somewhere and tried to decide what exactly the story could be.

Is the fact that one of my friends is still in touch with Mr. K and that he was able to tell me that Mr. K is doing well despite the fact that my former teacher had seemingly dropped off the face of the planet the story? No. Not really.

Is the fact that Mr. K seems to have been able to make a good life for himself and, thus, triumphed over the nasty situation where one little girl's claims of inappropriateness cost him his job as an English teacher the story? I suppose that makes for a good story, but it's not the one that keeps coming to mind.

For me, the story is about writing and the reason why I still write for enjoyment today.

The majority of the time I spent in English classes 7th through 12th grade was out of necessity and not free-will. There are a number of times I recei…

City Newspaper Interviews Brother Wease

People who live and grew up in Rochester, NY know that Brother Wease is a morning talkshow host on WCMF. With all the hullabaloo raised by the FCC about profanity and whatnot on the radio/tv, City Newspaper did an interview with the local shock jock. My favorite part of the story is this:

Brother Wease: But listen: If [City Newspaper senior writer] Jack Spula had a radio show, truck drivers aren't going to listen to him. Because he's a fucking geek and he's boring. I'm not saying this in a bad way. I'm saying it as a fact. And it's a proven fact. That's why liberals couldn't have radio shows before, and that's why the right wing makes fun of the liberals.

Mario Cuomo is boring. Is he smart? Absolutely. Does he have the truth? To me, absolutely. But he can't reach the truck driver. The right wing is reaching the truck driver. So when the people from City Newspaper discount Brother Wease because I'm dirty, then they're fuckin…

Wrinkle In Time For Sweeps

I'm curious to see the tv adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time that will be on ABC this May. Truthfully, the book was a little too out there for me growing up. My mom read it to me in 3rd grade and then I read it by myself at a later date. Something about the whole story was weird and unsettling in an almost "bad touch" kind of way. I can't pinpoint it, but even though I knew it was well-written it just left me feeling off. Either way, I'm still interested to see how they adapted it for television.