Thursday, April 01, 2004

City Newspaper Interviews Brother Wease

People who live and grew up in Rochester, NY know that Brother Wease is a morning talkshow host on WCMF. With all the hullabaloo raised by the FCC about profanity and whatnot on the radio/tv, City Newspaper did an interview with the local shock jock. My favorite part of the story is this:

Brother Wease: But listen: If [City Newspaper senior writer] Jack Spula had a radio show, truck drivers aren't going to listen to him. Because he's a fucking geek and he's boring. I'm not saying this in a bad way. I'm saying it as a fact. And it's a proven fact. That's why liberals couldn't have radio shows before, and that's why the right wing makes fun of the liberals.

Mario Cuomo is boring. Is he smart? Absolutely. Does he have the truth? To me, absolutely. But he can't reach the truck driver. The right wing is reaching the truck driver. So when the people from City Newspaper discount Brother Wease because I'm dirty, then they're fucking losing the fight, and it infuriates me that I'm fighting on their side.

I mean, you guys did a cover story on Bob fucking Lonsberry. And that's the guy who I fought constantly and I would debate any day. He's a guy who's on the opposite side of the political coin as your newspaper, and who promoted him? Your newspaper! When did you do a cover story about the only motherfucker who fights for the liberal side on the radio? And I've converted people. I've got mail from them. Your paper ain't converting shit. Your paper -- I love it --- but it speaks to the choir.


This is a bad time, man. We've got McCarthyism coming back, and the right wing has got a boner. I have never wanted anybody to win an election more in my life --- and I don't necessarily like the guy. But when you say "Anybody but Bush," I ain't kidding, you give me a monkey. We're just trying to beat the right wing. He's just a figurehead. This is insanity going on.


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