Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Speaking of Wedding Stuff...

Set of Rules for Next Three Months:

1. No one is allowed to ask me how wedding plans are going.
2. No one is allowed to ask me if I'm excited about the wedding.
3. No one is allowed to ask me where we're going on our honeymoon.
4. No one is allowed to have a conversation about marriage, weddings, or anything with me unless I initiate the conversation.

Why do I spoil your fun? I'm getting sick of the same people, and different ones, asking me every day how things are going. I'm not joking. Every day. And it's hard to act excited every time someone asks me a question about it. Matt and I have agreed that our standard answer is to make a "Ehnnn" kind of noise that would imply disinterest from here on out. Seriously. On a hypocritical note, I may be able to direct you to a website in the next month or so that will give all the lurid details of the upcoming joyeous event. If anything, it will be worth visiting just to see the picture that one person has said makes Matt and I look like brother and sister. Stay tuned...

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