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You're Cambodia!

Life's been really rough, but it's slowly improving.  You know
way too much about the skeletal structure of humans, mostly from being forced to study
it.  This has given you a fear of many things, most especially the color red.
 The future has to be more promising though, and your greatest adversary can now
never come back to hurt you any more.
the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

These Dreams Go On When I Close My Eyes...

I woke up feeling drained, as though I had worked late last night. Funny enough, if I was still full-time I would have been at a meeting that didn't end until 10:30 PM, but anyway...

My dream consisted of various scenes from standing on some rocks on the beach of Durand-Eastman Park discussing the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" with my friend, Ben, to seeing people who would potentially act in a movie based on that book. That dream is easy to explain since I had a conversation about that with Stenz this past Saturday. The next dream was slightly odd.

I dreamt I was in my bedroom at my parent's house and it was set up exactly how it used to look while I was growing up (instead of the sewing room/guest room mess that it is now). In my dream I had to tell a huge Grateful Dead fan that Jerry Garcia had died. He didn't know apparently. I was so upset for him that I started sobbing. It was the kind of crying that wracks your whole body, complete with soa…


You know that things have picked up when I don't even update my blog for a week. Work got busy. Super busy. Then I was out of town, so no blogging. The news? Here's a run down of last week:

Wednesday: Work. Drinks with Friends at The Cherry Lounge
Thursday: Work. Lots of it.
Friday: Trip to Buffalo to get fitted for my wedding dress bodice, some dress-related shopping, visiting various relatives, going to the Sabres game (unexpectedly) with my Uncle Don, and a cuppa tea with my Aunt after the game
Saturday: Wedding photographer interviews with Matt and dinner at The India Gate with our friends, Mike & Londa
Sunday: Absolutely nothing in a sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-movies-all-day way.
Monday: Lunch with Matt and grocery shopping.

That should get you caught up. Matt and I did decide on a photographer. We just need to meet with him again to sign the contract and give him a deposit. We're also borderline ready to book our honeymoon. Excitement galore! Plus, we…

Spring Is Coming!

In Upstate New York, a sure sign that spring is really coming is when the sap starts running in the maple trees. Well, don't let the uber-cold temperatures of this past weekend get you down, because the sap is running in my hometown! I'm hoping the same is true in a week or less down here because I'd like to get out to Sprague's near Cuba, NY for a meal chock full of carbs involving REAL maple syrup and pancakes.

Happy Valentine's/Anti-Valentine's

A little something for everyone... romantic or gagging-with-a-spoon...

We had a really nice Valentine's Day(s). I managed to score free tix to Friday night's Sabres game from my co-worker. Matt and I weren't too sure the game was going to be that much fun since the L.A. Kings were playing pretty aggressively during the first period. Then our guys finally got their acts together during the second period. Matt had commented, unsarcastically, that it seemed like it was going to be Rory's (Fitzpatrick) night after he got sent to the penalty box for unsportsman-like conduct in the first period. Then the Sabres starting catching up goal-wise. Then the best moment of the night (sports-wise *winkwink*) happened. We finally got to see, live and in person, Rory score a goal. This goal finally put the Sabres in a winning position and the crowd starting getting nuts. The next period established the blow-out of a game (8-3) with lots of enthusiastic yelling for one more g…
You are Shetland Wool.
You are a traditional sort who can sometimes be a
little on the harsh side. Though you look
delicate you are tough as nails and prone to
intricacies. Despite your acerbic ways you are
widely respected and even revered.

What kind of yarn are you?
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"Do You Believe In Miracles? YES!"

Matt, Richard and I went to see Miracle tonight. What an effing, awesome movie! It was a great rush watching it. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I still got all anxious waiting to see how the USA v. USSR game turned out.

After the movie we talked about how our kids, well.. Richard's kids, will grow up never thinking of Russia as an enemy country. They won't have first hand knowledge about the Cold War and and how we all had a wariness about the Soviet Block. The three of us joked about how it was so much easier having the U.S.S.R. as our enemy during the 80's. Hell, I'd take that over religious zealots crashing airplanes into skyscrapers any day.

Guess Who's In the News?

I’m famous.. again. We're pretty sure we know which Legislator shot his mouth off. The office and Matt are livid about the story, but I figure that it will let some of my contacts around town know that I’m looking for a job!

County To Eliminate Eight Positions
By D. D.

MAYVILLE - Six managers in the Chautauqua County government have accepted the career change incentive and two supervisors have chosen an early retirement plan.

County Executive Mark Thomas announced Tuesday that five managers will continue to work for the county full time until May 31 as part of the career change incentive: a deputy director of public facilities, two deputy directors of finance, deputy planning director and patient services director.

One employee, an executive assistant in Thomas' office, will switch from full time to part time and may remain employed in the office until the year's end.

Two supervisory employees took the early retirement incentive and left the county government in mid…

What Would Willie Nelson Do?

Okay. Best Super Bowl ad EVER. Who would have thought it would be for H&R Block? Why is this the best? Well, it has to do with a little inside joke Matt and his brother, Glenn, came up with a few years ago. This back when all those darn "What Would Jesus Do" bracelets/necklaces/rolling papers/etc were quite popular. I'm not sure who came up with the idea, but it ran along the lines of "What Would Willie Nelson Do? Smoke Hashish!" It was the same answer everytime, "Smoke Hashish!" So thus a commercial where someone asks a Willie Nelson doll what they should do became a hysterical moment for me and caused me to want to shout "USA! USA!" It's all good.

Dean v. Kerry

To put it bluntly, I've gotten all kinds of shit from people for supporting Dean after the news media went overboard on his Iowa concession speech. Quick note on that, if you listen to that speech as recorded from someone in the audience, the yell is barely noticable due to all the noise. Also, most of the major news organizations (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox) admit that they ran that story too much and that maybe they shouldn't have done the story to begin with.

So, here's a decent commercial dealing with Kerry v. Dean (requires Windows Media Player). It's a good ad other than the fact that I would change who does the speaking since it's a little grating in the beginning.