Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's/Anti-Valentine's

A little something for everyone... romantic or gagging-with-a-spoon...

We had a really nice Valentine's Day(s). I managed to score free tix to Friday night's Sabres game from my co-worker. Matt and I weren't too sure the game was going to be that much fun since the L.A. Kings were playing pretty aggressively during the first period. Then our guys finally got their acts together during the second period. Matt had commented, unsarcastically, that it seemed like it was going to be Rory's (Fitzpatrick) night after he got sent to the penalty box for unsportsman-like conduct in the first period. Then the Sabres starting catching up goal-wise. Then the best moment of the night (sports-wise *winkwink*) happened. We finally got to see, live and in person, Rory score a goal. This goal finally put the Sabres in a winning position and the crowd starting getting nuts. The next period established the blow-out of a game (8-3) with lots of enthusiastic yelling for one more goal and hopes for a hat-trick for Afinogenov. An awesome time in the end (news story here). Plus, Matt helped further school me in various aspects about hockey. It will probably be one of the only sports I really understand. After the game we hit up Pearl Street Brewery for a beer and a light snack. We then decided it was too late to sensibly drive back to Jamestown and were able to score a room (no pun intended) at the Hampton Inn & Suites on Chippewa. It's a nice place if you're looking for something in downtown Buffalo. Somehow we were able to get a jacuzzi room for the price of a regular room. Guess we looked like nice people! The only bad part was me managing to pull a muscle in my neck when I was taking a shower this morning. I haven't had this happen since I was a kid, and it certainly sucks! Pain reliever and heating pad have been put to use, but I really can't turn my head to the left all that well. But that was the only sucky moment of the day. Matt took me out to dinner to The Watermark in Mayville. I had a surf and turf dinner of 3 jumbo shrimp, 6 steamed clams, and a 6 oz steak. All was very good and done to perfection. Much happiness and good times!

Now for those of you who sent anti-Valentine's, generally think that the holiday was manufactured by the "greedy bastards at Hallmark" (note - this is not my sentiment!), or are QuirkyAlones (formerly known as Singletons), here's an all-time classic for you all. The following is a transcription of a note my wonderful friend, Anne, sent me sometime in high school. I dig this out whenever I run across a friend who's looking for some words to laugh (or cry) by when enduring this sometimes torturous holiday:

Julia, woo! Sucky holiday! Yes, every year I expect Valentine's Day to be like some old Parisien (sic) movie (set in Paris) with roses and some hot French guy with a beret. But nooooooooo, it consists of sulking in homeroom while everyone else gets carnations & hating couples. And yet, this pathetic hopefulness continues each year. Ok, score one point for having the nerve to give Justin a valentine. Score one more since he said (mumbled) "thank you". But subtract one cause he was surprised/embarassed. That's good I guess but uh-oh... what if he gets the wrong idea. No, I wanted him to get the idea... oh well! Maybe next year! Ciao! Anne

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