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Expanding Fiction

I've been debating expanding a short piece of fiction I published here earlier this month. I rather like the characters, which is natural when you consider that a couple share characteristics with real life people. That can be dangerous too. This is a small community. As I commented to a friend earlier today, Chautauqua County is a bit like high school at times when you start playing connect the dots with who has dated, married, divorced, had children with, or is simply friends with.

Either way, there's a new character floating around in my head. Her name? I'm considering Gina. She's an amalgam of a girl I used to see around Java's Cafe during the mid 1990s and something imaginary. I would describe her as being in her upper 20s, dark hair that is about chin length and has swing to it, a kind of "it" girl personality. Men like her. She has no problem pulling more than one guy along on an outing to the bar. Women don't like her much, but the d…

Time Warner Cable Starts 24-Hour News Station in Buffalo (and Jamestown)

As of 8pm last night, Time Warner Cable subscribers in Western New York have a 24-hour news channel.

In Jamestown, Cable 8 news will still continue to have a local newscast at 7pm and 10pm while the other 22 hours of the day will be whatever is on YNN out of Buffalo. Well, I say out of Buffalo loosely. The main sports anchor will broadcast from Rochester, which some Jamestown residents will like just fine because at last word that will be Cable 8 veteran Kevin Carroll. Then there's programming that comes from Albany (Capitol Tonight). Weather? That's being done from somewhere else as well. I believe Albany handles the weather reports you see if you watch R News in Rochester or the Time Warner news station in Syracuse.

Either way, there will now be a place you can watch whatever the top 4 stories of the day are for this section of the state over and over and over. Don't get me wrong, I love tuning into R News when I'm visiting my parents in Rochester. I know that…

Chautauqua Region Word Editor Stepping Down

I've just read that Michael Salamone will be stepping down as editor of The Word.

In a lot of ways, I'm not surprised. Mike hasn't lived in the area for a couple years, and it's rather difficult to run a paper from another city and county. Tim Smeal, who blogged from the DNC for all us stuck in Chautauqua County, will be taking over.

The Word is facing a lot of challenges. My caveat in stating my opinions is that I don't know a lot about the newspaper business, so forgive me if it's somewhat off-base.

I don't believe newspapers are dead. I do believe they need to adapt better. A paper edition of The Word is necessary. After all, what else would we read while waiting for our $10 steak and beer at Forte? The paper definitely needs to utilize its website and free social networking apps that are available. Despite a local misconception that Twitter is only good for status updates, it does have use when applied to news media (see BreakingNewsOn, D&C, o…

All You Need Is Morrissey

The Morrissey concert in Buffalo last night? Totally Amazing. I left my pretty awesome seat in the seventh row before Morrissey even came on and planted myself two people away from the front of the stage. I regretted not doing this when I saw Morrissey in November 1997 at Kleinhan's. Last night did not disappoint.

The Courteeners opened the concert. I'd buy their stuff. Solid Brit band.

Buffalo News: Review - Crooning As Art

Initial takes by others on the Morrissey concert

Set List:
This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud /
he played the same setlist as pittsburgh tonight in the b-lo:

How Soon Is Now? / Let Me Kiss You / Irish Blood, English Heart / That's How People Grow Up / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ask / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The Loop / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Best Friend On The Payroll / Sorry Doesn't Help / I Keep M…


I bought more candy for the Easter eggs yesterday. Will resume stuffing this week sometime.

Hope For Spring

Daffodils poking through the earth on a sunny March Saturday.

Blip on the Musical Radar

I signed up for a couple days ago. Unlike other social networking sites I belong to that have laid dormant because I have the tendency to forget to update, the appeal of this one is the fact I can incorporate a tweet with a song I think fits the mood, or am actually listening to. There's at least one other person in J-town that has also created his own as a replacement for a show he used to have on WRFA.

Marshmallow Delights

2000 of these fun candies just arrived at my office. I love the colors!

Candeh For Kiddehs to put in their Tummehs

Stuffing plastic eggs with candy for our city's Easter Egg Hunt. 250 eggs stuffed. About 800 left to go.

Daylight Debt

Daylight Savings Time is more Sleep Deprivation Time to me.

I heard thunder grumble around our neighborhood as a storm moves into our area. I wasn't sure what it was at first and wondered what calamity had struck.

I wish osmosis was possible when it comes to learn music. I'd put my musical score under my pillow if I thought that would help.

I don't mind when it rains because it's better than the desolate and endless landscape of snow we've seen since November around here.

The gray weather still depresses me.

If I stop to think too long, the list of things I need to do starts to shout louder and louder until I want to cry.

I have five weddings that we will probably go to this summer. I'm happy for my friends and honored to be invited.

Sometimes I feel like the dream is slipping away.

I'm losing track of time. Like that hour. Where did it go?

I'm losing track of people. I realized today that we haven't seen one of our friends since before February and h…

Shiver - A Piece of Fiction

Some time ago I wrote a short, fictional piece (one paragraph) that played off of some people I see around town. A few weeks ago, I came back to it and lengthened it a little more. Here's the result:

She sighed as she adjusted her hat that had drooped in front of her eyes again. That and her coat couldn't keep the chill off that emanated from the window next to her. But it was such a rare, sunny day that she didn't want to move away from the brightness.

"You know if you sit there long enough, you may freeze and we could make you a permanent installation art piece," Andy contemplated Sheila's bundled figure. "This place could do with some sculptures," he said over his shoulder as he went back behind the counter where a heater kept him a few degrees warmer than the patrons in the coffee shop.

Sheila grumbled internally, "Why do I insist on coming here? I could go somewhere much cozier. Not that it would provide better inspiration." Blan…