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Daylight Debt

Daylight Savings Time is more Sleep Deprivation Time to me.

I heard thunder grumble around our neighborhood as a storm moves into our area. I wasn't sure what it was at first and wondered what calamity had struck.

I wish osmosis was possible when it comes to learn music. I'd put my musical score under my pillow if I thought that would help.

I don't mind when it rains because it's better than the desolate and endless landscape of snow we've seen since November around here.

The gray weather still depresses me.

If I stop to think too long, the list of things I need to do starts to shout louder and louder until I want to cry.

I have five weddings that we will probably go to this summer. I'm happy for my friends and honored to be invited.

Sometimes I feel like the dream is slipping away.

I'm losing track of time. Like that hour. Where did it go?

I'm losing track of people. I realized today that we haven't seen one of our friends since before February and he lives in town. We used to see him every week.

I've almost completely suspended belief in a possibility of a god. A small part of me still thinks it's possible one exists.


i812many said…
You hit the nail on the head with this post. Since I got married, had a kid and have a great job I feel bad that I do not get to visit with friends as much as I used to. As I glance at my Outlook tasks I have 78 things listed to do and that is just work. Hopefully things will slow down for you as you settle into you new job. Good Luck!!!
Pamela said…
'Tis the season. Do you take Vitamin D? It might help... Hang in there. The sunshine will come.
Lamont said…
I know that it seems far away, but spring is coming. I promise when the crocuses peek out of the ground I'll take a photo just for you!

PS. I wish I could magically absorb music by osmosis too.:)
Mr. Nighttime said…
You wish you could magically absorb your scores, I wish it was that way with my scripts.

I try desperately to stay in touch with people that at least are local. There is a disconnect that develops as we go about our daily business that is really sad. I think it cheapens our life to lose those connections with people.

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