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Expanding Fiction

I've been debating expanding a short piece of fiction I published here earlier this month. I rather like the characters, which is natural when you consider that a couple share characteristics with real life people. That can be dangerous too. This is a small community. As I commented to a friend earlier today, Chautauqua County is a bit like high school at times when you start playing connect the dots with who has dated, married, divorced, had children with, or is simply friends with.

Either way, there's a new character floating around in my head. Her name? I'm considering Gina. She's an amalgam of a girl I used to see around Java's Cafe during the mid 1990s and something imaginary. I would describe her as being in her upper 20s, dark hair that is about chin length and has swing to it, a kind of "it" girl personality. Men like her. She has no problem pulling more than one guy along on an outing to the bar. Women don't like her much, but the dislike is more born out of envy.

The scene I have her in right now is enjoying a night out with two friends, male of course. She's enjoying herself. All her drinks are taken care of. She's also playing the two men off each other, flirting heavily with one on her right while barely saying anything to the guy on the left. It smacks of Dorothy Parker. That's all I have right now. We'll see where it will go.


Anonymous said…

Julia said…
Ah. Yes. Maybe I need to change that name to something other than her real name.
Hapi said…
hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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