Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Warner Cable Starts 24-Hour News Station in Buffalo (and Jamestown)

As of 8pm last night, Time Warner Cable subscribers in Western New York have a 24-hour news channel.

In Jamestown, Cable 8 news will still continue to have a local newscast at 7pm and 10pm while the other 22 hours of the day will be whatever is on YNN out of Buffalo. Well, I say out of Buffalo loosely. The main sports anchor will broadcast from Rochester, which some Jamestown residents will like just fine because at last word that will be Cable 8 veteran Kevin Carroll. Then there's programming that comes from Albany (Capitol Tonight). Weather? That's being done from somewhere else as well. I believe Albany handles the weather reports you see if you watch R News in Rochester or the Time Warner news station in Syracuse.

Either way, there will now be a place you can watch whatever the top 4 stories of the day are for this section of the state over and over and over. Don't get me wrong, I love tuning into R News when I'm visiting my parents in Rochester. I know that if I miss something, it'll be on again in roughly 29 minutes. Ditto for the weather, except that happens ever 9 minutes. I just hope that when given that many hours a day to fill with content, that we get quality coverage.


skb said...

To be fair, RNews does have a rotating schedule of "special interest" categories. Gardening, Pet Pointers, Dan Eaton (who we despise because he has the personality of a doornail, yet love because he does some veg*n stuff), Fitness, and a few others. They rotate between the 2rd and 3rd 10 minutes of the 30-minute rotation, and break things up nicely.

Kevin_H said...

Seems strange to have 24 news in Jamestown.

Up in Buffalo at least they can cover all the shooting and businesses going out of business...

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