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The Village Voice On Protesting During the GOP Convention

The Village Voice has a piece about how protests during the GOP Convention next week in NYC could backfire.

Inherently, I think the author dead-on in his cautions. I'm not so certain we can trust the cable channels or national networks to give us the fairest view of what's happening in this world anymore. That's a sad statement to make, especially from a former newswoman. Yes, I generally still trust ABC News and even CNN, but doubt has started to linger when I consider how unbiased a news source is and whether they are honestly trying to portray the whole picture.

The online media has become a sort of salvation. It's the online media of blogs, Internet-only magazines, and access to news sources outside this country that lets me still believe that I can find the truth somewhere. This same new media is what also makes me believe that the GOP Convention will receive fair coverage and if there's any misconduct by authorities, it can't simply be glossed over b…

A Blogging Violist

I was cued into a blog by a violist from the Minnesota Orchestra. It's more of a series of journal entries detailing the orchestra's tour of Europe. An interesting, and humorous to the music insiders like this line describing a comment by the Orchestra Director on a difficult piece of music:

"Some parts, I follow well. But sometimes, I just have to give the beat, and hope that someone, somewhere in the orchestra, knows what to do with it."

Who hasn't been there before as a musician? My memories of getting hopelessly lost in a piece of music come from scattered instances in the Rochester Philharmonic Youth orchestra, Greece Symphony Orchestra, or Baldwin-Wallace College's Orchestra. There's that moment right when you're sight-reading a piece for the first time, where you lose concentration for a mere moment, and suddenly, the notes rush together and you could be in the third movement when you thought you were playing the Coda of first or second movement…

So I Want To Get a Free iPod...

I've been wanting to get some sort of mp3 player for awhile now. Portability is a real issue for me, since I have hundreds of cds and hundreds of music files on my computer. Trying to burn multiple mix cds just isn't realistic timewise for me, so I began researching what was available to me in terms of technology. Again and again, I kept coming back to the iPod. It had received high marks from various sites and is now Windows compatible.

The problem was still the price. As impending unemployment and a slow job market make any funds I have even more precious, the idea of buying an mp3 player seemed almost frivolous. Then I read something on Wired.Com about a legitimate site where you could get an iPod for free. A legit site offering something for free?? No way! I took a look and it all seems on the up and up. So why don't you lend me a hand and help me out by visiting this referral link.

As an incentive, the person who helps me make my final referral requirements will re…

Do You Eat Your Kiwi With A Spife?

After indulging in kiwi on the cruise, I decided to pick up some Zespri Kiwi from Wegmans for lunch this week. In the basket with the kiwi's, I noticed this weird little utensil. Since it came free with the kiwi, I took one. I now know it's called a spife. It's certainly handy, but I find that if you don't do a good job of wiping off the handle after cutting the kiwi, your hand gets sticky while using the spoon end.

A kiwi memory:

The first time I had kiwi was as little kid at my grandparent's house in Lackawanna. My grandmother would actually peel a whole kiwi, cut it into quarters, and serve it to me on a plate while I watched morning cartoons. I had never seen a kiwi before and asked what it was. She replied, "It's like a strawberry and banana rolled into one fruit." As the tart juices fill my mouth now, I still instantly think of my grandparent's living room and hot, sunny days in Buffalo.

Many Good Nights of Sleep To Come

We got our new bed today. It's so high that I actually had to go out and buy a step-stool so I could climb up easier.

Our New Bed

Cutting a Bridge Open

The new Patrick O'Rorke Bridge in Rochester, NY is set to officially open on October 2, 2004 with the bridge opening to traffic about a month before that. The demolition of the beloved Stutson Street bridge is set to happen sometime this early Fall. I will be in town the weekend of the ribbon cutting for the new bridge so I can attend a friend's wedding. On a neat little note of coincidence, we had to use the Stutson Street bridge in order to get to the church I grew up in, which is where we met the family of my friend who is getting married. Everything comes around full circle eventually.

"You're All Gonna Be In This Experimental Film..."

The lastest song to be incessantly jangling through my brain is "Experimental Film" by They Might Be Giants. A great animated video for this very catchy song is being hosted on HomeStarRunner. I would almost call this video an Official Video of In Java, Literally due the cool use of a coffee cup as a drum pad.

A last TMBG note for this post, if you go to the TMBG site, you can order mp3 downloads of live shows. I think my mind is going to explode into a million happy pieces with this information.

The Honeymoon - A Quick Photo Retrospective

The honeymoon was wonderful! We took pictures with the new digi, so I thought I'd share some of them. Itinerary for the trip was: San Juan, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and San Juan. Note that we didn't see anything in San Juan other than the view from our ship and the airport.

The beginnings of Hurricane Charley made from some rough seas on Monday. This shot is from our cabin.

St. Maarten with St. Barts in the Background

Me in St. Maarten

Me, Nick Maley (creator of Yoda) of Star Wars fame, and Matt in St. Maarten

We met Edwin & Melanie from Ontario, Canada our first night of the cruise. We had fun hanging out with them over the week.

Jim and Jenny were our dinner mates and pretty cool couple from California

Matt and Me the Last Night of the Cruise

One of our waiters, Alessandro (Alex), with our Baked Alaska

Our waiter, Xavier, serving us Baked Alaska

The dreaded notice that our flight home was delayed, leading to Delta putting us up in a hotel in At…

Sunny Beaches and Warm Waves

Packing For the Honeymoon

We will be heading off to the Southern Caribbean for our honeymoon soon. I doubt we'll be doing any blog updates while we're on the ship unless they don't charge for Internet access. Seeing as how they charge for nearly everything else, I wouldn't count on it! Also, someone please pray for sunnier weather for our trip. Right now we're looking at a chance of showers just about every day of the cruise. I'm sure we'll have fun regardless *wink wink nudge nudge*

The Wedding Story

The fact that I'm just getting around to posting about the wedding should give you an idea of how busy we've been these past two and half weeks. I thought it would be worthwhile to get some text up before we finally go off on our honeymoon this coming week.

Thursday: Two Days Before the Wedding

I arrived in Buffalo in the afternoon and immediately went to my grandparent's house to check on the flower arrangement process that my mom had set up in the basement. My Aunt Stella, Uncle Bill, and my Dad arrived a little later for a dinner of homemade breaded porkchops. During a walk after dinner, my Uncle Bill relayed a humorous story about how one of the family friends got so drunk at my parent's wedding that she was trying to climb up light poles. My parents and I then traveled to Lackawanna where I experienced my first futile attempt at sleeping.

Friday: Day Before the Wedding

Friday morning, my mom and got up just before 8am so we could get in one final workout session at …

Picture To Prove It

Julia's New Haircut

Since Heidi was a little skeptical that I actually did the deed, here's the picture to prove it. This took me just under a half hour to blow dry, curl, and hair spray. Notice how flushed I am from the heat of all those devices, not to mention the damn humidity. It bugs the hell out of me that I have to get up earlier to do my hair now! *grins* Maybe I'll have to buzz it off or something. Just kidding. Really.