Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Do You Eat Your Kiwi With A Spife?

After indulging in kiwi on the cruise, I decided to pick up some Zespri Kiwi from Wegmans for lunch this week. In the basket with the kiwi's, I noticed this weird little utensil. Since it came free with the kiwi, I took one. I now know it's called a spife. It's certainly handy, but I find that if you don't do a good job of wiping off the handle after cutting the kiwi, your hand gets sticky while using the spoon end.

A kiwi memory:

The first time I had kiwi was as little kid at my grandparent's house in Lackawanna. My grandmother would actually peel a whole kiwi, cut it into quarters, and serve it to me on a plate while I watched morning cartoons. I had never seen a kiwi before and asked what it was. She replied, "It's like a strawberry and banana rolled into one fruit." As the tart juices fill my mouth now, I still instantly think of my grandparent's living room and hot, sunny days in Buffalo.

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